First time response change

Hi, looking for some help regarding a change in response to my Protostar.

I have worn out the stock pads. Is it recommended to install some new pads - of so which ones are recommended.

Or do Protos work we’ll with flowable or rtv silicone?



I silicon my Protostar and it works fine for me, though it’s responsive at first though. It could just be my silicone job. About the pads, I have never put new pads in instead of flow able silicone, so I can’t say.

Standard YYF pads will fit.

I have heard the ir pads are good. Never tried them but there should be some good reviews out there.

Ir pads by far exceed YYF pads in terms of performance and longevity. I would highly, highly recommend spending the extra money on them.

All throws take different sizes, and everyone has different preferences. So if you want to try IR PADS or flowable or yoyofactory pads. Everyone has their preference! It’s what you like and what fits. :wink: