Replacing response pads causing shorter spin times?

I recently just dug the flowable silicone response pads out of the groove in my supernova. There were a few tiny pieces of silicone left in the groove but they were so minuscule that I believed they wouldn’t make a difference. I just threw in some white pads and now no matter what bearing I use, it seems that the spin is slowing down fairly fast. Could it just be the break in time for the pads; I haven’t replaced pads in a long time. Thanks!

A couple of things to consider…

  • Pads will most likely stick up further than the original flowable silicone causing more response.
  • The pad material may be more grippy than the original flowable silicone.
  • You mentioned that there were bits if silicone floating around. Did you happen to get any in the bearing or bearing seat?

I would bet that the white pads are less tacky, then flowable, because they just are.
So you are getting less spin off your throw because now it slips more on your throw.
Which equals less spin time.
On top of that the particles are likely causing the pad to not sit flat all the way around so its possible you have a high spot adding too the situation.
I use the blue or yellow YYF pads, they are more comparable too flowable, but still less tacky then flowable.

Are you guys just saying that flowable is better?

Or just more tacky?

Could be both. Its just more tacky then nearly all pads. depends on what you want your yoyo too respond like.