Turbo Repeater - yoyo trick tutorial



Great trick! The video quality was amazing! I’ve always loved your vids and tutorials. :slight_smile:

Oooooh cool!

I have to learn this one.

I feel like i could actually do this. I know all the elements (i think)

Sweet trick but I wish you told us how

I did it!

Haha! Awesome! Great for such a short time throwing… HOWEVER…

Repeaters traditionally need 3 repetitions. Some trick ladders will allow some tricks to only repeat twice, but three is the gold standard. :wink:

I would not consider a repeater trick “landed” until it’s repeated thrice! Of course, that’s just me…

Still, awesome that you have all the elements! Now it’s just practice 'til smooth time!

Thanks! Yeah I will keep practicing.

When i do this each time i do it i end up with an extra wrap around my throwhand pointer when i get back to the 1.5 mount.

it’s not that hard Greg :wink: it’s like a small step up from buddha’s revenge. The hard part is going as fast as he is though ::slight_smile: but nonetheless, he is progressing rather quickly