csn you guys help me with this repeater?

So I already know the part right up to the part where it, repeated (,when he hops it up)
But, I dont get how he hops up and gets in that formation, like a kamikaze mount thing. I really dont know how to explain it, I think it’s step #7.
Can you help me? What im doing is hopping the yoyo, and letting go of my thumb. But it’s not working…

And the yoyo he’s using is really cool!

I dont have any advise for ya but i’m definitely learning this trick now
Does it have a name?

Try this:


Ita called “yuuki inspired repeater”
Also, if you need help with steps 1-7, watch a video called “yuuki Spencer yoyo truck tutorial” by got rice full, its pretty much the same trick, minus the releating part.

From what I can tell from the video he is releasing the string I his non throw hand thumb. Looks like that will allow it to u wrap and allow you to repeat

Alright well I got this trick down a couple days ago… are you still having problems with it?

When your doing the rejection (letting go of your NTH thumb) you need to kind of pull it snug.
Your not reallying doing anything when you pop it up… just causing some slack so that loop can whip around.

Another thing that I didn’t notice the first time (which changed the whole trick for me) is that during Step 4 he lets the string go over his TH Thumb and pointer finger.

Hope this helps - let me know how it goes