Probably invented before but I stumbled on a simple repeater.

I was playing around with a split bottom mount and thinking of what I can do with it. Being the amateur I am, I just did a string of moves and boom!

Step 1: Split bottom mount.
Step 2: Do the first “double on” from ripcord. (NTH index pressing onto the two strings the TH index is holding making an inwards trapeze)
Step 3: Bring the yoyo back over your TH index finger landing on to the back string
Step 4: Flip forward and you’re back in a split bottom mount.

It almost feels like a Buddha’s Revenge but not really. I also managed to replicate this on the side mount or more specifically a variation of the trapeze and his brother mount.

Step 0: Throw a trapeze then stick your TH index finger under the string going across (making the trapeze).
Step 1: Get into your brother mount. If you skipped step 0, you can slip your TH index finger under the string.
Step 2: With your NTH index, press on the strings from the mini trapeze your TH index finger is holding and “double on”. (kinda like ripcord)
Step 3: Flip the yoyo over to your TH hitting and ultimately landing onto the top string.
Step 4: Flip yoyo over again but over both hands to your NTH (kinda like Buddha’s Revenge) and you’re back in a brother mount.

I’ll try to post a video if clarification is needed. Yes, I know some of these steps seem useless but I found them easier to get back into the older mount instead of simply reversing the “double on” parts. Warning: yoyo may bind/snag.

I’m not sure if this has a name but I think it’s a cool trick for amateurs and easy to learn for beginners. crossing my fingers in hopes that I created a (simple) trick

EDIT: Oh yeah, it’s not that smooth of a trick.
EDIT 2: I’m a lefty so that may change things a bit.

I wouldn’t really call them tricks, but more like short combos.

The top one sounds like Atomic Bomb.

It’s actually a common move that a lot of pros do in their frontstyle combos
edit: I was wrong

I don’t see it a combo. Combo’s for me = a chain of tricks. I didn’t feel like I chained multiple tricks or even basic elements. But it probably is a combo.

It sorta does feel a little like barrel rolls/atomic bomb. It’s not exactly it because the motion is going backward and there aren’t any excess wrapping around the TH index finger. I’ll edit the description of the steps to be more clear. I realized I was copying a part of it from ripcord.