1A Smooth Repeaters - anybody have a list?


Hi all,

Still new to these forums and to yoyoing. Moving along slowly but surely in my skill set, learning a new trick or two every other day.

Right now, I just kind of stumble across a trick (“Intermediate” tricks on sites that categorize that way, like this one), learn it, practice it. Fine and dandy. But I have an affinity for repeaters-- both watching them and (at least the attempt of) executing them.

Can anyone come up with a list of say, 4 or 5 intermediate-level repeaters that are particularly smooth? The only one that springs to mind for me is Barrel Rolls. Another few tricks for me to add to my practice (aka “fun”!) time would be welcome. If you have an even longer list including advanced tricks for later on, by all means throw them in here!

Just the names would be fine; I know how to use Google to find the videos (assuming a video has ever been made!)



Couple of awesome repeaters


Thanks, mondo. Couple of good ones in there for sure! I’m a ways off from that 3rd one, but the first two are ones I should be able to pick up quickly.


there’s the Matrix, Boing-e Boing, Eli hops , Pop-n-fresh are cool list of repeater tricks but that’s in the advance secment


Thanks for those! I was pretty vague in my description of “smooth”, that’s for sure; but I was thinking more along the lines of the Matrix (as suggested!) than hops variations. Hops are a mystery to me still. ;-). So, things that loop and flip around in a continuous motion, ending back where they began.

Still hoping for a few more! If they’re not on this site, all the better (less likely I’d just happen upon them).

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I recommend visiting rethinkyoyo.com. Several of the low level tricks are repeaters.


Don’t worry it’ll takes time, i’m still having trouble with Matrix and Boing-e-Boing but i’m getting the hang of it day by day .
Don’t worry , practice and you’ll succeed ^^. There’s also two of my favorite tricks is Gyroscopic Flop and Bucket Hops but that’s in the Expert section , those two tricks are hard but once you familliar with it you’ll be flying through it . Trust me !


I like Re-Cycle and Triangulation. Skin the Gerbil is Good too. Search it on Youtube :smiley:



Awesome, thanks everybody. Started practicing the Matrix last night (well past the time I should have been sleeping) and I think the basics will come quickly and the smoothness will come slowly. :wink:

Will be checking out the other suggestions ASAP. Will be on a weekend getaway with my wife this weekend, so I’m going to need ninja stealth to try to get some throwing time in without her feeling ignored.

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Guy wright does some smooth repeaters you could try to find a tut on how to do them


Bhudda’s revenge is one of my favorite repeaters, it’s awesome for learning/practicing 1.5 mount


If you like really smooth repeaters that don’t involve a lot of hopping I’d suggest checking out Jason Lee’s tricks. His Figure 8 repeater is really fun to watch. MrYoYoM made a small tutorial I used to get the gist of how to do it.


That’s a really cool trick. I like repeating tricks and am going to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

I do want to point out though that in the video the player is saying “split bottom mount” when he’s doing a 1.5 (or one and a half) mount. I only point this out to save potential confusion to newer players.

Great tutorial though. Off to give it a try.


Here’s an easy one that I made:


I also really liked Skin the Gerbil as a repeater. You can do it really fast and it looks nice.


Nice! Spent the weekend practicing the Matrix (managing to repeat it if I leave out the second flip around my NTH; otherwise screwing up at the second flip). Looking forward to working on all the suggestions thus far.

Thanks for posting the vids!


Don’t worry , you’ll get it eventually, i was having the same problem as you were and now i’m doing it WITH the second swing like breeze ^^


Thanks, Rakleon! Somehow a problem I didn’t have earlier this weekend has reared its head-- When I drop from double-or nothing into the “loops hanging off the NTH” part, I’m getting a string rejection or something and the yoyo just drops. If I REALLY watch and concentrate, it never happens… which makes it tricky to trouble-shoot!

I’ll get there eventually…!


Don’t worry about it , you’ll get it eventually , i start out two months agos and can only do a few and now i can fully able to do a smooth , fast and repeatable Matrix ^^