Developing Smoothness

When people talk about good yo-yoing, one word that always comes up is “smooth.” I didn’t think much about it until I started filming for my most recent video. When I watched the footage, I noticed that my tricks were choppier than I realized. What are some things that have helped you guys become more smooth in your yo-yoing?

Practice your tricks using a semi responsive yoyo. If the tricks don’t work, keep trying until they do. Tends to help.

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any repeater

Just keep working on the tricks. As you execute them more often and get to the point where you can do it without having to think too much, they’ll get smoother.


I find that if I can learn to perform the trick easily using junky yoyo, than it is even easier and smoother on a professional yoyo.
So just keep practicing that one trick until you don’t even have to try, your fingers like… control themselves.

practice. a lot.

You need to be repetitive. For example, if you want to be smooth with double or nothing then a matrix and then a bind. Just do it over and over again.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the whole 10,000 reps theory before but it basically states that your body can’t get the exact muscle movements of something until you do it 10,000 times. Haha, it seems like a lot, but that rep thing is really only for sports (I play lacrosse) or for lifting. Anyway, good luck, practice a lot, and have fun :smiley:

I personally got lucky and was able to flow very well. I do not use music but I would recommend using songs you really like and do single tricks to the music. after that try 2 tricks together going with the music. then start doing half of a trick that lands in a mount of another trick you know. A good easy one to help get out of of the choppy habit(for me) was kwijibo to matrix to 1.5 mount to Buddha’s revenge then a snazzy bind :slight_smile: It should help if you can flow into them with music. It all comes in time, everyone learns different. another good idea someone already mentioned is doing repeaters.

Doing combos and repetition. Doing combos force to be smooth and accurate cause otherwise you won’t be able to complete it. I practiced on a combo of three tricks and it worked good. I usually practice on two different yoyos DM2 and HOUR, this raises more awareness to the trick cause each yoyo acts differently on the string.