Can anyone give me tips on how to make my tricks smooth and fast!!!

Can anyone give me tips on how to make my tricks smooth and fast!!!??

practice in front of a mirror, or even better a camera

do the trick 1000 times while listening to music

Play responsive although this may sound counter intuitive, if you can get the tricks done without it smacking you in the face you’ll get better.

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Use a short string and practice.

Performance enhancer

Not every trick can be done smooth and fast, sometimes it’s the player, but there are times when it’s the trick itself.
Practice is still the key though.

Practice practice practice

If the trick is long break it down into elements and work on the element repeatedly that you’re having the most difficult with. You can pinpoint what looks the worst by shooting video of yourself.

SO TRUE! I have spent months just learning a trick then I just keep on practicing.

I work on tricks in sections instead of a whole. I add elements as it becomes smooth and fast. I have a stronger interest in smooth transitions instead of completing tricks as a whole. A lot of times I will pick an element or two and incorporate it into everything I do for the evening so it gets a lot practice.


This. I do this, and it helps a lot!

film yourself

It seems the magic to being smooth is practice and repetition. For me, the tricks I do all the time are smooth,it seems until I’ve done a trick 10,000 times, I’m choppy.

Sheer repitition won’t necessarily do what you want. What you need to do is dedicate time without distractions. Even just 15 minutes a day of pure practice. Choose one combo and practice it at half speed until you can hit it 10 times in a row smoothly. Then increase your speed and do it until you can hit it 10 times in a row. Take a break when you get frusterated, or else you will be practicing mistakes. Speed will come with time, focuse on perfection first.

Yeah practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Friend of mine told me that.

Practice helps for sure though.