Help on making tricks look smooth


I am fairly new to yoyoing and I want to make my tricks look smoother. Any tips?

(G2 Jake) #2

Use a semi responsive yoyo to practice them


This helps a lot. If you have a stock freehand zero laying around, use that, and get ready for some knuckle busting.


Just practice. I know that seems like the answer to everything, but that’s the best way to make your trick smooth and consistent.


Just practice, and work on transition in between tricks. As you practice you’ll find ways to conserve momentum, make things look nicer, and just get generally better at landing the tricks.


Ok thanks, I’ll try using a simi responsive yoyo and practice lol thanks for the tips :grinning:


Practice and it helps to get in what Tom Kuhn calls “the state of yo” You need to be able to feel the yoyo on the string and realize that each movement you make, no matter how small, needs to be deliberate and for a purpose.

I’ve never tried the semi responsive yoyo idea so take my advice lightly on this. I don’t like it as much just because any trick with multiple string layers, slacks, whips, lacerations, or suicides would be from anywhere to impossible to overly difficult depending on the responsiveness. But then again I’ve never tried it for this purpose so other people have a more reliable background than me.

(SR) #8

Watch Jensen Kimmitt and Guy Wright videos.

They are the masters of smooth and flow.


Ok cool thanks guys. I really appreciate the tips.


use your yoyo spirt ;D


Take a video of yourself doing your trick list, combos, etc. Look for area where you lack fluidity and focus on them. Also knowing why you do even the smallest of movements in a trick helps, never think you can cut corners in a trick because every step has its reason. And just as important practice every chance you get!


first off, you should slow down and make sure you can do the trick really good, practice doing that and then once you get it down you can either go faster or slower, either way it will look good! :slight_smile:


I say use something like a wip to practice.