So yeah, I’ve been throwing for a bit over 2 months and I’ve really been working hard on it. I’ve been learning lots of tricks and trying to get everything down just right. However, I’ve noticed something after playing back some of my tricks. Here’s what I picked up…

I am very robotic-like when I play. I don’t play as smoothly as many players. I mean, I’m not fumbling around or anything, it just looks weird. My arms are flying everywhere and the string is usually pulled really tight (which I don’t think is bad?) Just so you guys can get an understanding of what I mean, I recorded a quick video of just some random trick. Here it be…

Any tips on letting go a bit? I’d appreciate any help.

Practice more so you can do the tricks easier. That way when you do the tricks you can relax.

Yeah… It just comes with time… The better you know the trick, the smoother you can pull it off…

Cut your string down a few inches and play responsive.

get some swagger and u could go pro man!!! ;D ;D ;D

Smoothness is the product of practice. When you practice enough, your arm sort of develops muscle memory, so you don’t have to think about your movements as much as when you first do the trick. Eventually, the tricks would just flow smoothly without you having to try to make them smooth.

As for loosening up, all I can say is just have fun doing your tricks. If you’re having fun, you’ll be more relaxed rather than being all tense and stiff, so you won’t be very “robotic-like” when you play.

like i said swaga :wink: ;D

I shall say it.

To me, smoothness takes a back burner to presentation.
I mean, if a trick is all chunky and takes thought, it’s gonna be a terrible performance, but if you look up and just have fun, it’s going to be alot more fun for you and the people, and it may not flooow like some tricks, but then again, i think that sometimes we need to just forget smoothness and have fun

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Then again, if the OP WANTS to be smooth, I’m sure he is still gonna have fun.

If you don’t have a nice flow nobody will want to watch you, no matter how much fun you’re having.

I don’t care if some kid who just picked up a Superstar three weeks ago can do Yoga Flame, or Breath, I’d rather watch someone like Steve Brown or Spencer Berry do Zipper for three hours on a Cherry Bomb.

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Sure, I’m happy the kid is enjoying himself, which will prompt him to maybe get better, but it doesn’t really change my view on his presentation.

Thanks guys, you’re comments are really shedding some light.

For clarification, I’m still having fun with what I do. Even though I work really hard on learning new tricks and practicing them I’m having fun while doing it. If I wasn’t having fun then I wouldn’t be throwing. If I was out to impress someone, I’d be doing sit-ups instead of yoyoing.

I’m sure that if I just continue to go as I am, I’ll get the “flow” I desire. I used to skate quite a bit and it’s probably the same principle. The more you do something the more stylish it’ll look.

Thanks again guys.

Also it seems like a lot of un-smooth play comes from moving arms too much, if you can do yoyo tricks with only moving your arms a required distance and the yoyo swinging around instead of the arms, it’ll look smoother.*