How to be smooth like Zach or Tatsuya?

Does anybody know how to play like Tatsuya or Zach Gormley?Somehow they play so smooth like butter.It looks so good when they play the tricks.I just wanna know,I suck really bad at flow and smoothness.
Sorry for my bad english though ;D

#1 thing is practice. Practice, practice, practice! I know Zach, and I can imagine Tatsuya as well, practice constantly. Always practice your mounts, and your string hits. The better you become at feeling and controlling the yo-yo, the easier it will be. You’ll get to a point where everything you do becomes solely muscle memory. You won’t think about how to do the trick, you will see a trick and just do it because your body knows how to move for you. I’m still trying to get to that point myself, it doesn’t come easy! Just keep practicing, YoYoing is fun and should be treated that way. Don’t ever think you are above doing basic tricks like Mach 5 and Split the Atom or Buddha’s Revenge and Cold Fusion because it’s those foundational elements that every other trick is built on! Good luck!

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^^^agreed! And patients is a big part of it too. Just like anything new in life, things take tons of practice and patience. Yeah, you will get frustrated and at times it will seem like your never gonna get to where you wanna be, but in time, you will. Just look at how you were when you picked up a yoyo for the very first time and compare it to how you play now… It all just comes down to the two P’s!

Good luck!

Patients never helped me accomplish anything. However patience is totally a different story! :wink: (Thanks for the chortle.)

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Shoot yourself videos whenever you have bulk time to practice.

Be canadian or Japanese
Or Practice

Additionally, a huge factor besides practice is constructing your tricks to have flow.

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Practice Boi

Play responsive. A lot.

That actually does help.

You’ll never be smoother than Tatsuya.

Jk. Practice more. Especially flowy tricks, like Barbeque Sliders.

Playing responsive requires greater accuracy, which can and often does lead to playing more smoothly. IMO it is not a short cut to playing smoothly. It is a long cut if your focus is purely to play smoothly.

My suggestions:

  • Use the tool that allows the most repetition in the least amount of time.
  • When you play, focus on making it look smooth
  • Record yourself
  • Analyse your recordings and critique your timing, hand placement, string positioning (unintentional slack, etc)
  • Make Adjustments
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copy all of there moves and combos until you a little brain child that likes a mini Zach. XD lol jk practice is proably your best solution ;D