trying to get my cream to out perform my protostar, any help


So here’s my issue I have a protostar stock that sleeps for a full min which is 30 seconds longer than my crucial cream with a ceramic KK bearing installed, i thought my cream would be the beast, but its not, atleast its doing better with the kk in than the bearing it came with. I’ve cleaned my KK bearing useing breakfree and dried it off with a can of dust-off, since I can’t get mineral spirits or lighter fluid in the Iraqi base that I’m at, all i have to my disposal is Break free, Isoprophyl alcohol (99.9%), wd40, electrical contact cleaner (which is kinda murkey brown, maybe from the rust in the can so forgett that one but i can get a new can at the expense of the military if that will do the job) and maybe i can find some acetone at work or nailpolish remover somewhere. The cream is still doin’ okay and after a bit of reserch I think it might still need to be broken in a bit. can anyone offer up some good advice to help me get this cream to out do my protostar? till then I’m going to clean it one last time with the 99.9% alc. dry it with dust off and put a drop of thin lub on a bearing or two cause i don’t like the the thought of haveing break free (which is basicly a wd40 for guns) on my bearing.


Your problem is you. If you are only getting a full minute out of the protostar then your throw needs to be worked on. I can bet a full minute out of my y without hardly throwing it. In time your throw will get better and your spin times will increase.


Yup, some of us that have been throwing for a while could easily get a couple minutes out of almost any yoyo with the stock bearing. A ceramic KK is never needed, I guess unless you’re trying for the world record or something.


just like icthus and apetrunk suggested is to practice your throw. another thing is from what i have heard ceramic bearings ( you have a ceramic kk) take a long time to break in. just keep practicing with it and it should get better.


nice to know that my throw needs work, didn’t think i could get more than a minute out, but definitely gonna practice on that now, as well as continuing to break in that bearing, thanks guys. But I’m still curious, after a while when the bearing breaks in, could i be expecting the cream to be out doing the protostar?


Nobody will really know. They’re both great yoyos, just depends what you like in a yoyo.


so i went back to the tutorials to see how Andre was throwing, i saw what i was doing wrong when i threw a sleeper and ironed it out, and i noticed a big difference :slight_smile: i can even execute my tricks alot smoother and more fluid now that the yo-yo’s spin faster and staighter with every throw. I also cleaned the breakfree off my bearing with alcohol and noticed a big difference now the cream is keeping up with the protostar so I’m a happy camper. Thanks for the input you guyz, I’m gonna keep working on my sleeper till it becomes a second nature :wink: