Trying to find inspiration to start yo-yoing again.

OK, so until last march/april I was yo-yoing constantly, but recently I haven’t had any inspiration at all to do it again. I’ve wanted to start it again, but every time i try I just lose interest. do you guys have any suggestions on how to get back in the game?


Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 situps and 5 pushups, then spin around in circles yelling “yo-yo.”

Seriously though, Try learning a ridiculously hard trick. It just might work.

These threads come along from time to time, and maybe just because I’m old and have gone through a few hobbies, my thought is always: “why are you so desperate to hold onto something that doesn’t interest you anymore?”

If yoyoing is a “part” of you, you’ll just keep doing it. If you were doing it and enthralled with the creative process and the challenge of it, and it’s not enthralling anymore and you’re not interested in seeking new challenges… move on to another hobby!

I’ve gone for stints of weeks and months at a time of not playing much guitar. But I don’t feel guilty or sad about it. Guitar is something I will always have and will continue to get enjoyment out of. I do enjoy when I have those creative and motivating ‘spurts’ of guitar obsession, but they eventually fade into something chill… and yet guitar stays with me.

If it’s something that has become part of your life, you’ll do it every now and then… maybe you’ll get right into it again at some point. I have no inspiration for you to start yoyoing again… Life is short, so my advice is to find something that’s fun for you. And if yoyo isn’t it, don’t beat yourself up over that! We all move on from things we once loved…

I really don’t know… it might be that I found myself kinda engrained into a local yoyo “community” and feel bad that I’m not anymore, or that I felt really yo-yoing before and want to feel that way again.

or just that I put so much money into it ::slight_smile:

You just need someone to give you a kick in the seat of the pants! Oh wait…there’s the problem…you’re just always sitting around in those darn pajamas! Put your big boy pants on and start throwin! (hahaha) ;D

Hey don’t sweat it. Life takes us odd directions, lose interest in one thing, find something new, it’s a cycle that often repeats its self returning us back to the things we once loved. Our unique experiences are what make us individuals. Don’t force it, just know it’s there and move forward. You can always return when you are ready.

Interest comes and goes. I didn’t yo-yo for a good 6 months and have just recently gotten back into it. Just buy a new throw and make a few videos. Always brings my interest back into the sport.

Man, just think of all the chickens that have NEVER even heard of a yoyo! And throw for them… throw for them lost, depraved chickens…