Need some inspiration

I never thought i would have to make a post like this but I’m looking interest in yoyoing, I still like to do it occasionally but not as much as i used to. I used to do it everyday for hours, now i just get bored with it. Anything that could help spark my interest again would be much appreciated!

Harrison lee just won Canadian nats. He’s 13. Someone drew this.


Watch a routine with some backflips in it. It will get you pumped. #yolofactory

People are usually bored when they end up doing the same thing over and over again. It sounds like you need to try something new! Learn some new tricks! Do you do 1A all the time? try 2a or 5a! try learning to use two yoyo’s on one hand (ive been working on that lately and its super hard) there’s lots of new material out for fixed axle play, try some of that.
you could get a new yoyo that has a totally different feel then what you are used to using. learn Double Dragon style!

Whatever you do, try something new that you haven’t done before or haven’t done in a long time! something new can invigorate your passion for yoyo and fight back against boredom!

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That was ill.  :o

i have this problem too right now ;( kind of sad… its really hard to get through that wall, exspecially for me since i m still pretty bad.

This cracked me up!

But really… These give me inspiration.

You can try a different style or another little toy or skill for a few days or something like that. Those are a few of my ways to get past a short lack of inspiration. But if we’re talking videos, this one is it for me. I bet it will help you out.