Needing Inspiration

I have yoyoers block. What do you guys do when you just can’t seem to come up with new combos? Any videos in particular that get the creative juices flowing?

I m not creative yet…

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Me neither. Some days I’m very thankful for being so happy just doing other people’s tricks. :smiley: Bored? In a rut of the same tricks? Just look up a new one and learn it! Easy!

When you’re creative, I don’t imagine this is as satisfying.

Though, you could always forgive yourself the lack of creativity and do just that: “Oh heck with it. I just don’t have a new trick in me right now. But I’ve always wanted to learn Enigma!” or whatever.

Riccardo Fraoulinni always gets me in the mood… when i’m done being angry at why he can awesome like that! And i can’t.

As far as inspiring videos goes, this is a personal fave of mine:

Watch the second half of that if you get the time. (No offense to the Isaac Sams, he’s a great yoyoer, but Zac is on another level.)

Watching Zac do his thing reminds me that you don’t need to stick within the boundaries of traditional mounts and moves. He wraps string where a normal person wouldn’t, he uses his arms where it doesn’t really make sense to… by jumping out of the ‘wrist mount/Houdini mount/underpass/etc’ boundaries he’s able to do so much more with the string than he could otherwise.

So try it out. Clear your mind of all you currently know about yoyoing and just start playing around with ridiculous mounts and wraps and stuff, you never know when you might stumble across something that works.

If you’re still having trouble, try learning some new moves, like perhaps CLYWs Cabin Tutorials:

If you learn a bunch of new tricks you might pick up concepts that you can use and adapt to come up with something new.

Or perhaps it can just simply be worked through. I went on holiday last year and yoyoed for at least 4-5 hours a day for an entire week… and I came up with NOTHING. A couple of days later when I just grabbed a yoyo after work, I was discovering all kinds of new things in the space of 15 minutes or so.

Sometimes we can get lulls in out creativity that just need more time and practice to work past. At any rate the best thing you can do is keep throwing and don’t let it get to you too much. :slight_smile:

The first guy’s name is Isaac Sams, just in case you didn’t know

Ah apologies, I didn’t mean to come off quite as blunt/dismissive as I did. I have seen his videos before but I didn’t really connect the face up with the name in my head. Thanks, I have amended my original post. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think you were. I was just being informative.

Who’s your favorite player? Steal a few elements from him. I do it. you probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s the same trick after you start using it a lot.

I’ve noticed a few things:

Creative people view failure as something other than failure. It’s part of experimentation and exploration. It’s just part of the process so fail and fail big time!

Creative people are creative every day.

Creative people don’t usually attempt to create anything in its entirety, in minutes or hours, it just takes how long it takes.

Just some observations I’ve made, and consider from time to time.

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I like watching tsukasa takatsu his style and elements he uses are just. Wow.

According to the Charles Haycock Trinity Club Interview it took him like, 4 years to create a combo that really satisfied him.