Trying to figure out what the oldest yoyo I have is

So, I was born in 2007 (i’m like 2 i know), and I’ve been trying to figure out what yoyo that I have is the oldest. I have a Project 2 which was released in June of 2009, and a Wooly Marmot which is also from 2009 (i think). Does anyone know when the wooly marmot came out? (What month, I mean).


All of what you have are just kids yet. Not even wet behind he ears… :wink:


I’m still processing the fact that a human being capable of posting text on a forum was born in 2007, sorry lmfao. This sounds boomer as hell but I REMEMBER 2007, I was in 4th grade :grimacing:


I too remember 2007, and I would not measure how old I was with the scale of “grade”.


I didn’t even know what school was!

Oldest I own; or oldest I bought?

I would hope you bought most of your yo-yos unless your stealing throws and giving them to the needy like some sort of yoyo Robinhood

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Haha, poorly worded. I meant I bought new. Anyone can buy an old yo-yo off of eBay. Not sure what the significance of that would be though.