trying to compare... C3 Di Base vs Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist

Hello! So… as the title says… is one really worth twice the price of the other? Thanks for ANY and ALL help with this one… I’m really racking my brain on it.

As well I am asking about any actual experience that anyone may have with either of these throws and compare them with just about anything. I used to work for a yoyo manufacture and was very involved in the community so I’ve thrown a lot of yoyos. Just spit out there your thoughts on either of these.


Ok, I’ve owned both
And I feel the Monkey fist should be priced at 50
And the Di Base at 100.

The Di Base has some serious play to it.
The Monkey fist didn’t cut it, so I traded it


I only have a di base, but I must say I really do enjoy it. It can do any and all tricks, has a great spin tim (so do most modern yoyos), and is just a blast to play. The monkey fist also caught my eye and I am thinking about purchasing one but I just got a cryo AC so I will probably not be getting any new throws for a while. I have a red di base by the way and it is just really smooth and shiny, it’s a pretty awesome throw for the price it is at! But you should also consider the c3yo capless if you prefer more colorful throws, it is $65. Hope I helped

I ordered the C3 di base. My main concern is the finish. I haven’t had a smooth coat finish in 4 years! I bet it’s great though. There’s a serious lack of decent reviews on it so hopefully I may be able to pull one together…

Thanks for the recommendation!

Your welcome! And Your idea to make a review on it would be very helpful to the throwers that don’t know much about c3yo and their awesome throws.