Trying out something different


Great video, great editing. I am at a gig and couldn’t listen with the sound on so not sure if there was something at the end that I couldn’t hear. Seemed like it ended weird from a no sound stand point. Might have to watch it again later. However, the editing was very entertaining, the location was very cool and I loved how you included your surroundings in the video. Even the outfit you wore worked great with it. (Yeah I said outfit, attire is a big part of every movie, music video, and so forth to fit the scene and this worked well with the surroundings)

Very well done and I really enjoyed watching it.

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When it turned black there actually was no sound

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Ok yeah listening to the music makes a lot more sense. It was that 7 seconds or so of black space and the film still rolling that didn’t make sense to me. Now that I heard the music it was perfect. It is super picky but I would edit at least 3 seconds. Some black space is good lets everything sink in. But at that point at like 6 or 7 seconds you expect something to pop up or there to be a reason for the extra black space. A couple of seconds for dramatic effect but that went a little too far.

Super super super picky I know haha but I thought I would give you my 2 cents. The music…was even better than I even anticipated. That could not have been any more perfect. Great job!

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I don’t pretend to know anything, anything at all about making videos, but I have been able to appreciate the effort, energy and passion you put into your videos. Even I can tell that you are really growing and producing a better and better product, Hadoq.

Always a pleasure to watch!

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by all means, be super picky. I like praises as much as the next guy, but criticism is what makes stuff move forward!
About that “dead space”, I didn’t really calculate it, to be honest. I just felt like it would be nice to have some at the end but didn’t think much about it in details.

You don’t have to be a tree to appreciate an apple. My videos are aimed to the general public, so your criticism is greatly appreciated. There are specialized forums or places to get technical criticism or advice.

The music is from Serge Gainsbourg who was one of the biggest french singers ever. At the beginning of his career (this music was probably made back in the 40s right after WW2) he was doing lots of Jazz.

There’s actually a great movie about his life that I strongly suggest you watch, if you like good movies and good music, you definitely want to watch this one

great piece of french history right there, about a musician who was one of the most talented french artists of the 20th century