Kitchen Session #1 (First Video)

Hi guys, hope you enjoy watching this. Also, I’d love to get some ideas of what you think could be done better. Thanks!  :smiley:

Haha, awesome!

The lighting was much better in the second “What REALLY happened” part, but somehow the dimmer lighting still worked for the first half.

For a short trick showcase like this, I don’t see there being much that you could’ve done better. The angle was very good, visibility was good, music was generic but fine. Showed some cool moves and had a sense of humour. Pretty much an ace job!

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That was pretty enjoyable, super smooth. Really liked that angle.

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Thanks for your feedback! Always appreciated. I wanted to put some different music (actual songs), but had no idea as to how to do that since it’s my first attempt at editing. I used the music that Youtube had provided in their editing software. Any tips on how to add different music? Thanks!

What software are you using to edit?

I liked the first part a lot more, dimmer lighting in cold weather works REALLY good on your string! Nice tricks Tiffany!

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The Youtube Editor

my favorite part was the binds that slipped at the end. ;D

Stuff like that happens… we don’t see it enough in the videos that get heavily edited.

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Is that neon orange string? I really liked that color-combo of the string and yoyo :slight_smile:

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Heway for good jojoing!

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