True Arc Return Tops: Official News!

Hi everyone, I am starting to build my brand as I anxiously await my first prototypes! If you wish to stay connected with what I am working on you can follow me on Instagram at


Just so you know there is a guy thats put out a yoyo and has another one i got a prototype of called Arc1

Company called Arc1


Arc is a suitable name for a yoyo company and or model as yoyos constantly make arcs in the sky. Good name choice :grin::ok_hand:


I am very excited to say that I have received the first look at the Chroma Slate prototype. Feel free to take a look over at our Instagram for a sneak peek. True Arc on Instagram: "Presenting the first look at Chroma Slate. True Arc's first prototype - A fusion of classic design and performance. Stay tuned for more exciting reveals and the evolution of excellence. #yoyo #reveal #engineering"


First in person look at the prototypes, and things are looking amazing! Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.


Exciting news – my prototypes are finally ready to hit the market! I’ve poured countless hours into crafting these throws, and now I’m eager to share them with you. I’m offering four out of the five prototypes for sale at a price of $120 each.

Before I launch them to a wider audience, I’m looking for a select group of individuals who are passionate about yoyos and willing to provide valuable feedback on their performance, feel, and overall design.

If you’re interested in being part of this feedback group and snagging one of these limited edition prototypes, shoot me a message. Let’s collaborate and help shape the future of yoyo design together!



Only three left!


Little bump, there are two prototypes remaining. Give me a shout if you have any interest, I am more than happy to answer any questions and discuss :blush:.


If I wasn’t broke from ordering a YoYo run I would support your venture my friend - bump for a great fellow


Thank you so much! I’m excited for my next motion acquisition :joy::heart_eyes:


First review is in!


Only one prototype remaining! Reach out if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

Today I was so grateful to receive a very thorough and in-depth review of the Chroma Slate from @Basshero15. I will post it here for all to view. Their review has me excited for future development and given me so much to be proud of! Thanks again @Basshero15 for your effort and thoughtful response!

Chroma Slate Prototype Review
Hey Matt! I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to thoroughly test your first prototype, the Chroma Slate. I’ve tried a wide variety of different throws on the market, and I hope this review gives you some great insight on all the hard work you have applied to this yoyo.

- Packaging:

● When I received the package, the first thing I noticed was all the extra strings included were dangling out of the box (picture above). This wasn’t a huge concern, as I planned on putting one of my strings on the throw regardless; it was still a nice addition to the package, however.

● Looking at the box, I love the stickers. Some collectors might have a problem with the sticker being over the lid of the box, as they may not want to rip or tear the sticker and keep the packaging looking as factory original as possible, but even Yoyofactory has done this with their premium throw, the “Miracle”, so it’s not uncommon.

● The included packing foam was a great way to keep the yoyo from getting scratched. I think that if you are using foam material it would be best to have the foam cut by a machine to make the hole look as professional as possible. This would be an additional expense for sure, so you might consider doing what some other companies do and use a cardstock with a small notch cut out to fit around
the bearing and prevent movement. You can see G Squared uses this to their advantage and puts their throw’s artwork on the flaps (picture attached).

● Regardless, I think for a prototype you packaged it very well and included the right amount of foam. The yoyo arrived without a scratch on it!

- First Impressions:

● First off, wow. The blue is very impressive, unique, and soft to the touch. It has “dive-in” written all over it.

● Blue yoyos tend to fall into two categories’: Dark Blue and Light blue. Your Chroma Slate is somewhere in between, which I appreciate.

● The color even changes its hue when the light hits it from different angles, very cool!

● The finish on this yoyo is outstanding. The blasting is very even and the anodizing is very high quality. You can make out a machining ring on the outer rim on both sides, and very faint tool marks on the inner cup, but they are very difficult to capture on camera.

● To be honest, this yoyo’s profile reminds me of the old Duncan Triumph. It even performs like an extra-wide Triumph; however, the Chroma slate is much more stable and powerful than the triumph was. The triumph was easier to maneuver, but with my play style, I would choose stability and control over speed and maneuverability.

- Performance:

● My first throw had me hooked. This is one heavy yoyo, and all the extra rim weight actually helps fix crooked throws really well. Even if your throw is slightly off, the catch zone and rims work together to correct it. The rims also
make it very easy to snap start into a stable, spinning state to bind it back up for a restart.

● The catch zone is very, very comfortable. I have large hands so the three qualities I look for in a yoyo are Wide, Heavy, and Stable. I am happy to report that your
prototype hits all three of these traits. It’s not the widest yoyo I’ve played, I tend to look for width between 49 and 50 mm on average, and I think the Chroma Slate would seriously benefit from a 49-49.5mm width as well.

● It usually takes me a day or two before I am extremely comfortable with how a yoyo responds to my movements, but this yoyo locked in immediately. Even though it is heavy, it can still be pushed for speed if necessary which is a huge advantage. I will say, the faster you push this thing, it can lose its stability and some momentum in the process.

● As the yoyo starts losing momentum, the rim weight helps keep the stability where it stands, which is a huge plus to help with error.

● Binds are nice and crisp, and produce a very pleasant ding when hit just right. It’s extremely satisfying to listen to.

● When executing a long combo, the yoyo stays on plane very well, especially when doing speed/rail combos, which is what I tend to lean towards playing. Tech combos also perform well with this yoyo. The extra weight helps guide the yoyo between mounts and corrects for error simultaneously; it glides from mount to mount.

● If I miss a string which causes the yoyo to start to tilt and lean, it can easily be corrected and adjusted while spinning. This effect can have benefits and
drawbacks to performance, as adjusting the Chroma Slate for drift has the ability to lose a fair amount of momentum due to having to tilt its very heavy rims and fight against itself.

● In more complex mounts, the strings have gotten bunched up but the yoyo does not catch prematurely or slow down. This is a huge perk to this yoyo, having a gap width at 5mm really helps with this.

● The recorded spin time with the included Stainless Steel bearing was 5 minutes and 15 seconds! I’m sure if the bearing was broken-in, that time would have increased, but that is a number to be proud of for sure.

- Changing bearings:

● I loved the included ceramic bearing. When I unscrewed the two halves I noticed how tight the bearing post is. I’m glad I had a bearing removal tool because I wouldn’t have been able to get the bearing out without damaging the post, which would have induced vibe. This is very common with several of my favorite brands to achieve no vibe, such as c3yoyodesign, G Squared, Sengoku, Duncan, and even Yoyofactory.

● When I had the ceramic bearing installed, I immediately noticed an increase in spin times, almost 6 minutes on an average throw! The specific time recorded was 5 minutes and 48 seconds, but still a noticeable difference.

● The downfall to the ceramic bearing was a loss of stability. The decrease in weight from the stainless steel bearing allowed the yoyo to move slightly quicker, but it wasn’t as easy to control as the stainless steel. We had discussed a possible hybrid ceramic/stainless bearing for future releases, and I think this throw in particular would benefit from this.

  • Finger grinds/Spins:

● My favorite aspect of this yoyo is the finish, it allows for some of the best grinds I’ve been able to achieve on any yoyo I’ve owned.

● Standard grinds are usually my go-to, and if my fingers weren’t so fat, the Chroma Slate could probably grind for a year if it had the chance. I selfishly wish the throw was around the 49.5mm width to help widen the catch zone for this reason, I think that extra wiggle room would make this one of the best grind machines on the market.

● Talon grinds work well on this throw as well. With my fingers being larger than most players, I don’t usually reach for a talon grind, but I did attempt a few and could land each one. 55mm diameter is perfect for this.

● I am not the greatest at finger spins, but I was able to successfully hit a few finger spin/palm spin combos with ease on this yoyo.

● If I was better at horizontal, I would be able to give you better insight on whether or not it can perform horizontally. I was able to at least land in a horizontal trapeze, but I could not work around the additional rim weight to keep it moving. My lack of skills also may contribute to this.

- Final Thoughts:

The Chroma Slate is seriously a yoyo to be respected. For a first working prototype it has earned a spot as one of my main Every-Day-Carries. For as heavy as it is, it glides between string mounts and keeps itself stable and moving. The finish allows me to fit grinds into my combos whenever I can, and I never have to worry about the yoyo losing steam throughout a longer combo with many mistakes; it keeps on spinning. Binds are satisfying, tight, and very audible when perfect. I would love to experience what a slightly wider Chroma-Slate would feel like in play, but every other aspect of this yoyo feels just right out of the box, and very premium while in use and in hand. I look forward to purchasing another yoyo from True Arc in the future, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.


This is such a great throw. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!


There is one prototype remaining for $120 USD. Check the review above for more information on how it plays! Reach out if you have any questions. Help me get the last prototype into the hands of one more person!

Got a little website live! Trying some print to order designs out to test the shop :grinning:

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The production run of Chroma Slate is underway, and should be ready for purchase end of summer beginning of fall! :cyclone::yo-yo::canada::canada:


Looks great !!

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