Trigger help


Hey guys,

I just got the trigger in the mail and I totally love it.  The hour is great as well.  But upon getting my first not in my trigger I discovered that it does not unscrew.  Is this normal?  And if it is, how do I get rid of nots?


Keep on turning it’ll unscrew eventually


Was yours hard to unscrew?


Been working on it for about a half hour. Hasn’t budged.


Can I return a yoyo and get a new on if it has a defect?


Sorry about the triple post. But can can you please help?


Hmm, nothing’s wrong with mine.

Are you sure that you are twisting the correct way?


Yeah. I am going to the left with the top.


Hmm, sort of weird that it’s not unscrewing. Mine unscrews perfectly.

You should probably contact the store where you got it. :slight_smile:


I got it from yye. I tried putting a towel over it and using pliers but they were to small.


Find a big person? Or just get a knot puller and remove it without disassembly.


I was gonna try to saw the thing in half and get a new axle. What is a not puller.

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Don’t do anything drastic. Just email YYE. In the meantime, enjoy your Hour :slight_smile:


Okay. What is the email address? And I totally love my hour so that shouldn’t be that hard.


I use small zip ties to pull out knots. Plastic coated paper clips work well. Certain pen caps.

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Contacting YoYoExpert:

We know you have lots of questions and we want to get you an answer fast so please feel free to contact us anytime:

By Email:

By Phone: USA: (413) 551-9696

By Mail:

PO Box 2276
Amherst, MA 01004-2276


VICTORY!!! I emailed yye and told them my problem and they told me to use some gloves and it totally worked. Thanks for all the advice.

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