Tricks you thought of then were done by someone else.

I thought this might be a cool thread to have. What I mean is, like…when you make up a totally amazing trick, and are planning to do it in a freestyle/video just so show people how creative you are. Then someone else does it is a video or FS, and you have the moment of…just AHHH. I’ve talked to multiple people who this has happened to, and I’d like to see if this has happened to anyone else.

Also, please be honest. Don’t say you made somethng up even if you didn’t.

For me, if was Jensen Kimmit’s “hat bind” type thing. He does it in this video:

I once thought I made up the bind where you kinda swing it over then bind it… I can’t really explain it

Then I kept seeing it everywhere, and I was kinda dissapointed haha.

He does the bind I’m talking about at 0:31

Off Topic: That was a great video! I love Graeme’s style

I invented a one handed way of getting into a wrist mount but it turned out a tut was already up for it on highspeedyoyo

i did something like that for double or nothing/wrist mount, i was thinking of it/invented it then realized jensen did it first in here. As the first trick.

I had a trick that I taught a couple people at the Boston meet, and Gizzyo told me afterwards that it was actually a trick called Fred Special (At least I think it was Fred, I’m not sure). And here I was thinking I came up with something awesome. At least most of my other tricks are unteachable, too many subtle “regrips” and "remove this finger and replace it with this one"s…

When i first began yoyoing, a few months in i thought i invented the laceration… i called it the underwhip trapeze. I was really pumped. Once i found out about the laceration i was upset… D;

When I started yoyoing I “invented” a 1 handed braintwister and when I saw someone in a video doing it I got really mad.


I was going to make a video about it, but I logged on to YouTube, saw the video, and was peeved all day.

i thought i made up houdini drop…

i made up several suicide variations then saw them all in the same video :’(


A week before this video came out, I was trying to do Asian Pops like John Ando did Eli-Hops. I was unsuccessful, but I kept trying… until I saw Joe did it. lol

Here’s another one:

The very last element. When you’re in a horizontal Red GT then while its spinning, you turn your body 360 degrees the opposite way. I was thinking of tricks for my BAC freestyle and came up with that. I didn’t do it in the freestyle because I would not have landed it at the time, then I saw Jensen do it in his FS.

I thought of a bind, then saw Jensen do it @ 14 seconds.

Also thought of a cool whip, then saw Jensen had done the same thing at the start of this video:
However, I can extend mine to a star^^ :smiley:

A piece of the combo Steve Brown did on stage (1st 5a thing on the big stage) towards the latter part of the video. Just surprised he actually did something I did. Sure he did a lot more, but I thought it was cool I could do a piece of his stuff.