Tricks you HAVE to know?

As a beginner, i want to know what tricks i HAVE to know ?

Tricks that every thrower knows and has to know?

THE META of yoyoing if you will?

Breakaway is always a good start :wink:


Well Theres

Double Or nothing
1.5 mount
split bottom mount
wrist mount

Those Are Just a few essential building blocks I can Think Of off the top of my head

1.5 mount, trapeze, and knowing how a triangle works is enough to win a lot of contests.

Oh okay :smiley: how about… a great 1a string trick to get nailed down?

Ladder escape, Eli hops, gyroscopic flop, revolutions, I’ll think of more later.

ladder escape ive never heard of, im trying to learn now xD its pretty crazy :o any good tuts you know of for it?

Kamikaze, rancid milk.

Learn green triangle, then suicide, then combine the two.

All you NEED to know is trapeze. You can get into all mounts like 2 (double or nothing) or 1.5 mount from trapeze.

Tricks you have to know are normally short movements like Boingy boing or red triangle 360 suicide. Things that are easy to incorporate into combos. Things like Ladder Escape are not as necessary to learn. You would never go to a competition and do ladder escape on stage. They still look really cool though, so most people learn them.


/\ /\ Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But, really, anything on the Sports Ladder is good. Then it goes to what kind of trick you prefer.

Well Some Fun Tricks That Are Good To Learn are Green Triangle Laceration(Brent Stole) Wrist Whip, Ninja Vanish, Reveloutions, Eli Hops, Kwijibo

Those Are Just a Few Tricks That I Can Think Of Right Now

really? I can’t see how that is essential.

Best tutorial of ladder escape you’re gonna find  :wink:

I was talking more about short, flashy movements in general. I use that in a lot of my combos, so I used it as an example.

Learning the Snap Start is pretty useful. Any method to restart a dead yoyo is essential.

In this day and age 360 suicides seem essential due to the element of “360”.