Tricks That Make You Go :O

Here, I want you guys to post tutorials that have elements that make your eyes pop out. Tricks that have certain parts that makes you wonder “How is that possible?”

I really want to learn a really cool trick, and I want to know if you guys know any. Thanks! ;D

Psychique Genocide! Probably the most insane tut I’ve ever seen, with everything that I think makes yo-yoing cool

I find most of yoyo tricks really cool. Mark Montgomery really amazes me. When he goes into a chopstick mount it looks like he bends time/space when manipulating the string.

can’t really find a tut for it but here’s the vid:

uhhh… Bump? ;D

Essentially any fast trick that requires very difficult maneuvers, such as Yuuki Spencer.

Also, gotta love Jensen’s hop style tricks, but what really gets me is JD’s slack. Too good. :slight_smile:

I love that video.

Any thing by PalliJoJo

slacks and very complex string tricks :o

Awesome video. I love Guy Wright. Check out his video The Letter Blue on Youtube if you haven’t already. It’s sick!

Two handed follow and the Shinya Kido arm jumps at 2:30.

Sid’s Chopsticks
One Tyler Chopstick thing
Justin Weber’s Hops
And Guy Wright in General

found a tutorial for another trick that amazed me when i first started throwing and still does today.
Thnx ibanezcollecter for the tutorial:

I liek rancid milk, but that’s probably because I can almost do it ;).

Pretty much Yuuki Spencer’s entire 07 Worlds freestyle. And John Narum’s 4a.

bump so more people can see ;D

Matt Kolbreners atmos-fear.
first trick in Pod Concept.

And anything from Takumi Sakamoto.