flashy trick help?

so i’ve been out of yoyoing for a while and i never really ventured into the master level tricks even when i was in it. i just did today and i learned hour glass and white buddha. personally superman and ladder escape didn’t seem very interesting so i didn’t bother wish those cause i honestly think i’d forgot them lol. and i did learn yuuki slack.

my question is, what’s a hard, flashy, trick that is above that skill level? could someone reccomend one for me?
hard as you want but not too technical please… it’s not really my thing but put whatever suggestions or videos you please up.

thanks a lot!

There is a trick called Genocide, which I think is pretty awesome, some great elements in there.  I have almost got it down.


Follow is super flashy and opens up a whole new world of tricks once learned. You’ll be addicted to hobie cat for like 2 months.