Tricks I'm having a hard time with

  1. Leg Wrap trap: I can finally get it around without it hitting my shoe anymore, but I don’t know why I’m having so much difficulty. I can just never land the yoyo on the string behind me.

  2. Pop n’ Fresh: I’ve gotten it before, but I keep consistently missing the string on the pop upwards after the mondial part.

  3. Skin the Gerbil: I can get the yoyo to spin long enough, it’s just the moves I can’t perfect. Especially the first one (after the trapeze).

But, practice makes perfect, so I’m still trying.

What tricks are you having problems with?

are you asking for help on these tricks or do you just want to know what we are struggling with?

I was just wondering what people are having a hard time with. But if you’re offering help I can’t refuse.

well the leg wrap trap is really hard… for me it just took hours of practice and anticipating early on when that yo yo comes behind your back so your ready to catch it.
What kind of yo yo are you using to do skin the gerbil? try to use one with the largest gap possible when your first learning. Just take each part of the trick and treat it like a separate event, work on each part until its perfect than put it all together.

Practice.Practice.Practice thats the easiest way to master any trick.

Good Luck!!! ;D ;D

and I am currently struggling with double ninja vanish :-\

For leg wrap trap, I always do a world tour first, helps me get aligned.

For skin the gerbil, what I did was learn each individual part, and would take a break and piece like 3 of the pieces together, when that was solid, you add the next piece.

once i was doing leg wrap trap and the yoyo became responsive all of a sudden and flew up in between my legs. i wont go into detail but it hurt pretty bad. now i never do that trick…

now for the Skin The Gerbil. To prevent slowing down the yoyo or snagging when doing it, i recommended using gloves. gloves help a lot in speed trick
Tricks that i’m having a hard time with
Iwasawa’s tower. this trick is nuts

Make sure you step forward in leg wrap trap, not just switching legs. Safest to practice this on carpet or soft places becuase the yoyo will often ding when learning behind the back tricks.

I’m having trouble with Pop’n Fresh too. I can’t get it to, land on the right string.

hey i keep a list by my bed (literally its a list of tricks i gotta practice cause i cant do them well) thets see
over under boingy
magic drop
leg wrap trap
wrist mount dismount (not a trick but whatever)
spirit bomb
boomerang (im convinced its evil sorcery)
jade whip
thumb grind
do i win a prize for longest list

1.5 mount >:( its killing me!!!

I’m struggling with:
Pop 'n Fresh ( cant get the mation to bounce back into mach 5 mount)
Wrist Mount Dismount (always pop it out wrong)
Boingy Boingy ( cant get it to bounce)
1.5 mount

My Friend is probably the master at Leg Wrap Trap. He Does it ALL the time! I dont think he ever messes that up.

Yeah, that mount took me FOREVER. Once you get it tho its cake. Try going over both pointers then stop, then swing into 1.5 that’s how I learned…
My list:
superman, (ak, its so hard!)
White bhudda, finally got it, just needs smoothing.
Yuuki slack (impossible!)

For the last 5 years I’ve been struggling to get Boing-e-Boing…

Forgot to mention:

Boing-e-Boing and Magic Drop has been one of the highest rated and popular for being the hardest to nail.

can’t forget kwyjibo
or sea-sick

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Aww, yeah… 8)

same here

Yeah it took me a few months to get being-e. Once you figure out the motion tho its easy. The cool thing about it tho is that you can do it from ANY mount, in the middle of any trick. Magic drop is still hard tho. Lol

actually seasick has been the highest rated and popular for being hardest to nail

I’m trying to learn soiled panties and Ghost. Soiled panties isn’t giving me too much trouble but ghost is definitely tricky…