Trick Wars!

So I’ve put together 2 of these so far on my YouTube Channel, and I’m having a lot of fun doing these. My tricks aren’t great, but I’ve had some really good throwers and cool people help me out and participate.

This is just for fun, but I’m calling this “Trick Wars”

I like it! I think what would be cool is to have a set trick combo you and others can do for an informal competition to take out subjectivity. Say each player does the same 5 combo trick in which viewers can vote for who makes it look the best.

I am a competition aerobatic pilot and this is similar to the way we organize and compete across various classes, each pilot flies the same routine and judges grade them.

Food for thought!

New Trick Wars!!! These guys were awesome. My son helped me out with this one, too.

Did a couple more. These ones turned out pretty great. My 4 year old digs them, too. He helped.