Trick transitions

hey guys i have been yo-yoing for a bit and have managed to get some good tricks going, however i feel like they are only parts to a trick and not a full one, and well I’m having a hard time creating transitions which will peice them together. and was wondering if you guys could help me out please.

Learn tricks from your fav players and then you can start making more tricks. Take inspiration from others and create your own tricks from that.

I’m sorry I didn’t quite get your question.

how do i learn to transition between parts?

when I was first starting I found that trapeze and his brother worked as a good transition in between tricks. It’s a very simple move and certainly not the flashiest trick to use for transitions, but found it a very useful move for transitioning between tricks.

especially since most of the stuff I learned early on was based upon double or nothing, trapeze and his brother allowed me to “unwind” all my string then restart another double or nothing based trick.

If you’re trying to start combining the tricks you know, I would start really focusing on the positions that each of your tricks puts you in, and then analyzing which parts of your known tricks are in the same positions as others. By learning this you can start to branch off to other tricks from different points, and then make combos. It takes a lot of thinking at first but eventually you’ll start to begin noticing these kinds of things as you’re doing tricks and realizing all the different ways you can combine them.

Some key positions to watch for that are very common between a lot of tricks:

Trapeze and his brother (mentioned already)
one and a half mount, or variations of such
Double or nothing
Houdini mount
Kamakazi mount
green triangle
split bottom mount (with or without TH finger loops, usually it doesnt make a difference)
gyroscopic flop setup (I personally use this one a lot)

Certainly there are a lot more but these are the main basic ones I can think of. All of these can work as easy transition points. I guess my best advice is just to really look at the tricks you’re doing.

Also, if you mention which tricks you’ve been working on in specific, then I’m sure a lot of people here could give you way more helpful and specific advice on how you can combine them. Right now I’m really just trying to give some simple advice cause I don’t really know what level you’re yoyoing at and what kind of advice should be tailored to you.

A combo that I do, sort of made up by putting tricks together is.
Double or nothing,
Roll out and do the matrix, but instead of going for another Double or nothing, your going to land in a 1.5 mount.
Then do the first part of Buddha’s revenge, back to a 1.5 mount. Cross your arms like your doing kwijibo and pop the yoyo up and land it in a Double or nothing.
Now black hop out to a trapeze, then to a brother slack, ripcord and wormhole. Than bind…
It all transition well. And its a full combo. But you can tweak it to any way you like.
I’d definitely like to learn some variations to this combo I made.

I understood that whole combo and literally seen it unravel In my brain. Nice!

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