So I have made a couple of videos and the most common thing people have said is that I need to work on my transitions. But I have no idea what transitions are? Please help. Thanks.

Transitions are just moves you use to get from one mount to another. Anything really. These are actually going to be the bread and butter of most of your longer combos. Probably.

When people say you need to work on your transitions they are being a bit vague. I’m not really sure if that means you need to smooth out some of your current transitions. Or if they are too basic and you need to work on new transitions altogether.

Could you PM me a link to a video? Maybe I can help and give more concise feedback.

Usually matching combos that end in the same mount or very close to one another helps. Like I started stringing together my combos little by little to work on a freestyle

I found your video.

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The transitions themselves weren’t bad at all. Not as generic as i was expecting them to be. Whoever told you to work on your transitions was definitely talking about just smoothing them out.

A huge tip I learned when I first started is to never pause in the middle of a trick. Unless showing off a cool mount (Tower, some GT’s, etc) When you pause in between elements it makes everything look choppy, and ruins the flow of the trick. Just work on going directly from element to element without stopping. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Good Luck.