Trick inspiration

When you’re making up tricks and combos, where do you get your ideas and inspiration? Where do you like to start?

Well to start things off, I usually find a starting move from some video I’ve seen then mess around with the mount. At the moment though I feel like my creativity reserves have been completely exhausted XD

In the shower

I will usually start with 2 or 3 tricks someone else has created. I will then take an element or 2 from each trick and find a creative way to transition between the elements. I will then elaborate on the new combo and try to form a creative variation which seems original.

Flip open a book, point to a word. What would a trick with that name look lIke?

this man right here is a genius ;D

Tried it. I got “if”.

It ended up as half a trapeze.


:DThat’s funny.


Doing something dumb, then getting knots from it. It makes me want to go back and figure out how to do whatever I did, and get out of it right.

I find good tricks from how good and fluid motion goes along with the directional change of the yoyo and of the placement of the strings.

I think that sums up every trick ever made.

I think “what can I do that I haven’t done yet?” Or I do some random move by accident.

accidents mostly

Q’s not a guy.

I get inspiration from everywhere.

Yes he is… I saw a picture…

My inspiration is randomly doing stuff… Then trying to do it again.

Ahh poo.
Weren’t you the one who told me that? >:(