Trick Inspiration?

I have plenty on tricks but, now I have yoyo player block (writers block get it huh, huh, nevermind, moving on) I need some trick inspiration preferably on grinds (I have plenty of triangle tricks but feel free to add on) someone out there willing to help?

this vid helped me out alot  :slight_smile:

Thanks I got quite a few tricks out of that one :slight_smile:

for trick inspiration i usually find an odd part of a type of yoyo trick or area you can get into and I explore what I can do with it

Practice a couple of motions that “Don’t feel right” something you’ve never done before, something wack.

Like crossing your arms and doing double or nothing, or pointing your finger towards yourself and doing trapeze from that.

Just try to be creative, and you’ll ind that you’ve made yourself some nice lookin combos

I was doing this today at work on break and i did this crazy looking trick and then I was like how in the world did i do that. Then you try and do it again and cant replicate it. >:( Good luck man, just have patience and you will come up with some cool stuff. Abby has a great idea, thats fun to do.

What about kwijibo instead of landing on string do a grind.

That is tricky, but ive done it before.

Give it a shot!

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These two videos always do it for me. Adam and Danny are for real.

I literally ONLY do kwijibo-yuuki slack. the second pop lands around my wrist ever since i learned it so I always just go into a yuuki slack from it, instead of doing the last pop.

Nice! Im going to have to try this!

Tutorial? You guys are getting me lost

Tutorial? You guys are getting me lost


Yuuki Slack:


Finger grind:

Hope this helps.

I meant of the trick I know kwijibo and finger grind and Yukki slack (only part 1 tho)