Trick inspiration from music

I feel like finding new songs correlates to making new tricks at least for me. Just a personal thing but when I add some new music to my playlist I feel more creative and end up coming up with new trick elements.


Is this Gentry’s 2nd account :flushed:

No, is this something he says? @Biased_Opinion


Lol I was just making a joke because Gentry has said that music plays a big factor when he creates tricks

yeah like @Biased_Opinion said Gentry mentioned in their AMA that musicality top of their mind when they create tricks:

(question is at ~3:53 if the timestamp’d link didn’t work)

What is your trick creating process?
Okay I like this question because i think my trick creating process is quite different than most other players. The reason I say this is because I always put a focus on musicality when I’m making tricks. I’m always listening to music, I’m always thinking about what my trick will look like to, you know, certain beats, certain tempos. I try to involve a rhythm in each trick and I build the trick with a beat.

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