Trick Help


This is a little embarrassing but I’m an expert yoyoer yet I’ve never been able to do boingy boing correctly. Any help please 'cuz I really wanna learn it but I just can’t.


A lot yoyoers can’t learn/haven’t learned boingy-boing. I, myself, haven’t either. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Just a trick that either clicks with you or doesn’t. You can keep practicing it and it will probably someday click, just keep failing until you start succeeding :confused:

That and seasick are just too frustrating for me to learn, so I’ve passed on them. Maybe someday I’ll learn them because they are awesome tricks.


Yep, I struggle with those tricks as well. Just can’t quite get the rhythm.



Instead of thinking up and down, imagine pulling up to shoot forward, and releasing to shoot back.

If that fails, put an offstring yoyo at the bottom of the split bottom mount, where your non throw hand pointer usually is.

The weight of the yoyo dangling on the end will smoothen out your motion just enough so maybe you will understand.


And although they usually say dont do this, keep your lower hand stationary and move your upper hand forwards and down kind of like a vertical seasick and then up and back and then bring your arm back and down. not a perfect up down with the fingers but more of a forward and back just to get the rhythm of the motion down before you refine your technique


I find that a good way to learn is that once you are in the mount, start with your top hand slightly behind your bottom hand. If, from there, you move your top hand STRAIGHT forward, you will have a little slack in the strings. That little bit of slack helped to give me more room for the straight up and down movement that should make up the trick. The hard pard is always the timing, but after that initial froward movement, the yoyo will be ready for the first “back” movement, and your hands will be set up. From there, the first upward tug with your top hand should be the one that sends it back in the direction of your body…if any of that made sense


Thank you all so much! I’m starting to get the motion somewhat correct thanks to you guys.