trick credits

not sure if this has been suggested, and apologies if it has.

i think that every trick in the ‘learn’ section that has a known creator/author should be credited.
yo-yoing has a really short memory, and most new players don’t have a good way to learn the history. i think knowing that gary longoria created ‘seasick’ or that paul escolar created ‘kamikaze’ is pretty important, and would be a really easy thing to add.


That’s a good point. I think it’s pretty important to at least know a little bit of the history of something, such as this or the U.S. or whatever else. Knowledge is power.

I totally agree with you Ed. This would be a great thing for new and young yo-ers to learn about as well as the trick.

I really think newer players need to understand who the biggest innovators of old-school were, in general.

I love me my Jason Lee.

Knowing that Spencer Berry created Rancid milk on a renegade is something everyone should know!