Trick contest—Win a One Drop Rally

(Clifton B) #1

Video, tutorial & and a couple little rules here:

One Drop’s very first plastic throw, the Rally, comes out on Friday, and I put together a little trick contest to give one away on the day it’s released.

There’s this trick called Engine Driver I do all the time. It’s a simple repeater, and if you can make a video doing the most repetitions of the trick in one throw, you’ll get a brand new Rally. See? Simple.

You’ve got until 5pm PST on Friday, July 19th. Go go go!


I’ll give it a go ;D not familiar with the trick but I’ll learn it… I’d be fair game if it was a trick I’ve already done a million times like skin the gerbil though ;D


Good thing you already taught me this trick :wink: haha good to see you’re finally doing this contest

(Clifton B) #4

Yeah, I thought I’d do something new, and give myself an excuse to make a tutorial. Plus I really like this trick, and I’d like to see more people trying it.


I really hope nobody sweeps the competition while using a BTH.

(Clifton B) #6

I suppose it’s possible, but I think the most probable cause for having to quit and bind is the yo-yo going off axis, which it does a little with every repetition, at least the way I do it. So a super sleeper might not be much better than any other.


Neat contest.

I’m just going to buy it the Fair honest way.

I’ll buy it when it’s released but I’ll still watch all the entries.

(Clifton B) #8

Quick clarification: You don’t need to do all the tricks in a row, just in one throw. So if the yo-yo goes off axis or you hit a snag, you can do what you need to correct it and start again, and as long as the yo-yo’s still spinning, I won’t reset the count or anything until you actually bind and collect.

And no regens. That’s cheating. Any sort of bind would end your count.

So maybe a BTH or something would give you a little advantage. But still, you’d be correcting it a lot. Nobody’s posted a video yet, so at this point, everyone’s got a pretty good shot.

(Clifton B) #9

Two days left! We’ve had a couple really good submissions, but I want to see lots of people try this out. If I get enough of a response, I’ll probably have another contest for the next One Drop release. It’d be fun to make this a regular thing.


Can u update in this thread of what’s the most reps u have seen so far?


I’m entering either way but do we get to choose the color :slight_smile:


the score to beat it 51


I just can’t do the repeater. LOL!

(Clifton B) #14

The only available color so far is green with black weight rings and hubs, so that’s the one you’ll be getting. There is a blue version, but it’s pre-production and it’s never leaving me.


they haven’t made any colors besides spring rain yet.


Haha, right!

I’ve only gotten 10 in a row asdf


I can do 7…

(kclejeune) #18

I got 62 the other day. I have to try and get that many on video…


20 tops :stuck_out_tongue:


Well this was fun lol