Trick Bits


Ok I know I’ve found a few of these, but I want to see how many you know! I consider these maybe a lesser (or not) known moves. Maybe this is a backwards of this, or this is actually a green triangle, or if you underpass this your in a triple or nothing, or a variation to a certain move/trick. If you have anything similiar to this post it! (if we can try to number them)


If you do a double or nothing, and land on the back string, then take your freehand index finger and curl inwards, to pull out a string, you get an eiffel tower. You take the string on your throwhand, and you throw it, and thats Mickey’s knot trick.

To make it look more complex, you pop the yoyo out of the mount to the front, but under all the strings, then catch it on the same string like and whut. This will make it a bit twisted, but it will look cooler, and more complex.


Wrist Mount is really a one-armed green triangle.

If you do hidemasa hook, but put your arm in the loop, you can finish it like cheese whip/under whip wrist mount.

Trapeze & bro is a sidestyle split bottom mount.

If you do the green triangle in And Whut? and stick your wrist in it you can do Spirit Bomb and end in a trapeze.


You can repeat the first and second pops in Spirit Bomb once or twice before dismounting and still have no knot.