Triad!!! (3 yoyos at once)


Wow! This is the real 3A

You’re good. Do you know any other triad mounts besides that one you always do?

please keep improving this! :slight_smile: I like it, just need to see more creativity from you. You got it, just need hard work to it.

I haven’t explored any other ones yet, I plan to soon

Sure is a lot going on there. I don’t think I could even begin to figure that out.
Nice work for sure. Keep it up!

Thanks everyone!

Cool I just think 3 yoyos is taking it too far, but whatever floats your boat.

I’ve also done 4 at once before. But isn’t taking things far what people do when they innovate? You wouldn’t say someone like zammy is taking it too far with his crazy tech

Oh yeah I agree, it is just that it seems rather too complicated for it to become like an actual thing. People will be looking like K-Strass lol