any of u guys trick innovators?

Green triangle variation:

  1. Go into an Eiffel tower
  2. take the part you’re holding with the index finger (long part) and turn it upside down
  3. put that loop into the yoyo and let everything go on your throwing hand. GREEN TRIANGLE!!!
  4. To dismount, pop yoyo up and bind return!

No offense, but I’d hardly call that an innovation.

Well its better than what I can “innovate”

Haha me too… I mean its original,isnt thatgood enough? Haha

Sorry if I was a bit blunt there.

I am one.

It’s funny caus I figured this gt out before reading this thread lol

Ditto. It’s fairly simple, yet pleasing to the eye.

no two yoyoers are alike so in that sense everyone is a trick innovator :o boom

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!


I totally agree with the above statement.

very true

This thinking is really only good for 3-5 year olds during the ‘creative’ phase where initiative or guilt is formed.
Similar to the “Oh you colored the leaves purple? Good for you, Jimmy! That’s very nice.”

Sorry to say, OP, that GT has been around for a while.

I’m by no means an ‘innovator’ (I think the definition is rather subjective in this case), but I have come up with a few tricks of my own. Or at least, I think I have ;D


I honestly just assume that almost everything I do has been done at some point by somebody, somewhere.

When you’re making a combo, though, you do get to a point where the chance that it’s been done before just becomes astronomically small. So there is such a thing as originality.

There’s a gray area between what is a “trick” and what is a combo…

Anyone could tell you that you can combo a Matrix into a Kwyjibo (two tricks into a combo), but really… the Matrix is a double-or-nothing (once considered a “trick”, now either an “element” or a “trick”) that transitions at one point into a trapeze (also once considered a “trick”, not mostly just an “element”).

I think many people will call their combos “tricks”, but I’m not so sure. But I don’t have any sort of good reasoning for when I think something is a “trick”.

Any combination string and yoyo movement that you can repeat can be considered a trick I believe.

well I can individual movements tricks but when I string them together then i call them a combo

I like turning fixed axle tricks into 1A tricks. Not really innovating, since it’s a lot of grabbing the yoyo and tossing it back around. Kinda like JD stuff?

so your trick innovation was this but just a little different?

I kind of like to think that I’m innovative, judging just on the fact that I haven’t seen anybody do what I’m doing. That could also be that it is so old though, that everyone has stopped…

So who knows. :smiley: