Traveling with yoyos

When traveling by air does the TSA allow you to carry on yoyos?

The search function is your friend. This question has been posted countless times, with the same exact answer every time.

Yes and like Pat said…

I fly all the time and always have at least one YoYo in my pocket with me at all times and have never had an issue.

Just throw it in the little bin with your shoes and belt so they can scan it, and there should be no issue.

Happy Landing.

Thanks guys for the replies and i didnt think to search for it sorry

Hey Pat, I tried searching for this topic and wasn’t very successful. What keywords did you use to find other threads about travelling with yoyos? I tried “travel with yoyo”, simply the word “travel”, and the word “flying” and I couldn’t find countless posts regarding it. I’d like to get better at searching this site because when I do I either get nothing or I get a boat load of posts that are in no particular order.

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I always find the gate agents and fellow waiting passengers enjoy a little yoyo show while waiting for the plane to be ready. :slight_smile:

Well, we’re not driving to competitions.
Airport is fine. I keep it in a duffel bag with my clothes and other stuff. Never had a problem.
Though, careful on lube and multi-tools.

i never have good luck at searching for threads either…

I searched for ‘yoyo airplane’ and came up with a few hits:,16569.0.html,63595.0.html,39958.0.html,13079.0.html

Should be some information on those relevant to the matter at hand. :slight_smile: