Trapeze contest


I just want to see who can do the coolest way to get in a trapeze. The winner will get a pat on the back if I ever see hem. In the video just say trapeze challenge. I will post the winner on here. ;D :wink:


Just be clear, we’re not talking about full tricks or combos that end in a trapeze, correct? Just one move that results in a trapeze?


insert challenge accepted face here XD



Ryota Ogi is the one that misses the trapeze. I’ll believe that xD


yeah just a move that results in a trapeze haha

#7 here is mine i created it even if it’s not so original so i guess it already exist and in bonus : the side bottom mount bind !!! and can i have more than one entry beacause if i find something better well id like to add it


yeah sure just keep on entering haha


Here’s 2- [/URL] [/URL]

Here’s 1 [/URL] Trapeze contest 1: [/URL]

I just messed with some trapeze whips they are like second nature to me, that’s all I do now haha



BRUH that was beast


Hah! Nice one!


Not only was that awesome as hell. But that sidekick is a doosie lol  :smiley:


Ugh. My phone with indoor lighting = can’t see squat, captain!

#1 is an over whip that lands in a trapeze… usually I do this move into a frontstyle bind. :wink:
#2 is an “instant trapeze”… it’s funny because the wrist and finger wraps are completely irrelevant! The motion is the same as an “instant wrist mount” except you land on the front string instead of in the triangle, resulting in an overly silly way to get into a trapeze. :wink:


They’re still set to private :stuck_out_tongue:


d’oh, fixed! Ain’t got nothin’ on yours anyhow. Haha!