Trading Vs. Borrowing

 There are loads of people on this forum with loads of trades.  I can't help but wonder if more people had a yoyo club near by, would they trade as much?  Or they could get their new yoyo "fix" by attending a club meeting and using the members yoyos.  There is a fairly sizable club where I live.(KC)  On the rare occasion that I attend there are at least 200+ yoyos to choose from that people freely let you use.  I really have no big desire to trade.
 I can't help but wonder if the group wasn't around, would I trade more?


Part of the fun for me is in collecting yoyos. If I lived in the states where most traders are, I suspect I’d have a much higher trade count.


This is exactly my situation. It’s really hard to trade outside the states.

I also like to trade, personally, in order to have. It’s the search, the kill, and mounting it on my wall that appeals.

I do suspect that having yoyos to try out would affect what I traded though. Still, if I see some super sweet colorway in the BST, even if I already have the yoyo, it sets off the primal urge in me. Must.Get.Shiny.Thing.

I agree… It is hard to trade outside the states… I would do sell/trade if the buyer paid for the shipping and insurance etc… So that he took the risk and not me. I did trade once with a guy in France.

Anyways… We have a decent club in the DC area also… But even with that I still do lots n lots of trading … Mostly selling recently since I am trying to thin out my collection. I do like the fact that you can try out others stuff but if you are like any other throwers ., n u like something… You would want to add that to your collection… N u might not be able to get that one throw from your club so… On to the bst.

Tbh it’s addicting lol… I love to bst ., it’s fun… You can find things that are not in stock… Or Lil cheaper etc…
As long as you don’t get scammed… You have to be careful… I read the traders feedback all the time … And I can’t believe people actually scam you for a Yoyo… That’s just Sad…

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No throwers love in Iowa City as far as I’m aware of so I have no clue.

lol i just love to play the yoyos, ive been throwing for five years and i a couple days ill only have one yoyo haha. If i had money like that id be droppin it on throws 24/7 i shoulda got myself somethin nice before my ex kicked me out and i lost muh job. Oh well, my avalanche keeps me happy.