trading and buying

can i trust it i feel like ill get robbed wat do u guys think

Look on there profile to see what kind of feed back they have :wink:

still its hard to not overlook that

To not overlook what? If you deal with ANYONE you should take a look at the feedback, if they have more than 5 positive feedback with no bad feedback, you should be able to trust them. Easy as that.

thanks ill go with it my parents dont trust it so im just showing them it is trustworthy

Check out feedback and use some common sense.

You can get some great deals on the B/S/T!

Don’t blindly trust what you see on the B/S/T reviews/ratings. Some people will make up accounts, use them to post positive reviews for B/S/T adn then proceed to scam and steal.

I hate playing the role of Devil’s Advocate, but thanks to the internet and slimebags in general, it’s easier than ever to con and scam and get away with it in the somewhat anonymous environment provided via the online universe. The odd thing is that there is so much effort put in to help sell the scam. They’ll go through the effort to make up disposable accounts in order to use them for a larger purpose of building “credibility”, then set up shop. By the time it’s really discovered, someone or multiple people have been ripped off by then. Since cell phones are starting to enter a disposable phase(get a new one or number is as easy as changing socks), there’s no motivation to keep that working. Heck, depending where you live, even addresses aren’t reliable. Mail fraud is on the rise too, so if you’re not in an area that uses those locking community mail boxes, you never know who may be digging in your mail or misusing your address, or even using a change of address for but with a specific name to redirect. It would seem with all the effort involved to run a con, wouldn’t it be less effort to just get a paying job and behave properly?

It’s a BIG risk, especially with some of the high-end stuff being exchanged in tbe B/S/T area. As per typical in any environment, it’s a small number wrecking things for the majority. It’s always a few jerks who are making things difficult for the people trying to be honest and legitimate. Really, what can the administration here do? Not really a whole lot except try a peer pressure angle in hopes the scammer “sees the error of their ways and makes right”. Legal action is slow and expensive.

I tried to do a sale with someone recently(with me as the buyer, paying via PayPal) and I didn’t care for his attitude. Oh well, lost a sale. I think I’ll just stick to “new in the box” items from retailers for a while. Less crap to deal with.

Feedback is relative. It’s a starting point but it may not paint a total picture. Look at those who post the feedback. Chances are if they are active users, then they can be trusted. If the feedback is by people who are on 1 or 2 days ad haven’t been back, ignore it, it’s bogus.

I think we do a fairly good job of watching that.
We’ve missed a few.

Yes, I do feel that the community attempts to do a decent job of self-policing.

The truth is there’s not much you can do except try to make sure the bad guys don’t get a chance to do it again. However, once something happens, it’s really up to the victim to take up legal matters into their own hands. The scammers work off the fact that it will cost MORE to hold them accountable than what was lost most of the time, and hence the folks scammed will just count their losses and give it up.