Trader Feed back

There must be a reason we dont have the old number system. What is it? I did the search and saw that we are supposed to make a trader thread for the person and leave a message. Seems like the old way would be easier for leaving feedback and immediately being able to see a persons trade background.


Agreed. The current system is broken. The problem is this software doesn’t allow for anything like the old system.


It’s not included in the current software and available at extra cost as a custom feature…

So keep on posting individual reviews. Probably best to do a search in the feedback section and add to an existing review if it exists.


It does, if you have the money to fund its development…

But I’m not really convinced the old system worked, as I did multiple transactions on the old boards and couldn’t even figure out how to leave feedback, nor did anyone ever prompt me to. For example @Glenacius_K sold me his Japan Tech Ribira through here about 2 years ago.

Yeah, it would be completely custom. The old feedback is preserved as agreed upon:

As @jhb8426 noted, best to do a search in #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback and see what others are saying about the user.

One thing we’re looking at is having the trade feedback topic for that user linked directly from their user card and/or profile – then you have one click access to leave feedback or read feedback, etc. To me this is the simplest thing that works.


This would be a really cool feature


It worked great. I used it all the time. It’s irrelevant though as the current software can’t do it without modification.


This already works, if I had some feedback I’d just add the URL to my profile so users could easily check my stats. There’s a spot for your webpage, should be easy to add the same field just for feedback.

Using @fullnelson as a test I did a search for his name in the feedback category, then copied the URL and opened in a different window, works no problem:

Fullnelson’s feedback

PS: someone leave me some feedback please, buyer, seller, trade, whatever

Edit: We already have the tools we need to link to feedback, the profile works just like a post, has the option to create a link:


Yes it worked fine as long as people took the time to leave feedback, just like now with the current setup. I have had numerous trades where the other party left none.

I always ask people to leave feedback and send them a link to my post. Having it in the profile would be good for people looking to check your feedback before trading.


Agreed, the main thing is to make it easy to access, because no matter the system people do have to actually enter the feedback.

eBay had a whole complex reminder system for this with formal transactions, etc. And even then technically feedback on eBay is optional, I know I used to be pretty good about entering it back in the day (sellers would explicitly ask for it to pump up their seller ratings!) but last 10-20 times I didn’t get nagged and kinda forgot.


I don’t buy the whole “the old way was difficult, couldn’t figure out how to leave feedback.” Especially for a web savvy guy like Jeff. Especially since our feedback was posted on every single post we’d make. You could click on the Feedback link on every post and leave feedback, or go to our profile page and click on the leave feedback link.

I received feedback for nearly every transaction I did here. Since the new forums have been up I’ve gotten 1 feedback comment in the Feedback section, out of a good 50 transactions.


Ya, I gotta say the number system worked great since way back in the YYN days. It also adds the dynamic of a free ad to your BST. If people see your name and sees 100+ next to your name, not only do they take notice, but thats who they want to do business with.
I have not looked for anyones trade feedback thread.
Of course, this is all a moot point. If this would indeed cost money to implement, and the owners of this forum have decided they do not wish to put the financial support required…it is what it is.


As @Egon pointed out - you can add a hyperlink to your profile bio, and when people click your name to see your user card it shows up there.

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It’s the truth though. And for the multiple transactions I did on the old forums (at least 3, as many as 5?) nobody ever asked for the feedback to be filled in. Not one single time.

I think the old timers have kinda rose tinted glasses on how “well” this worked, perhaps based on the heyday of forums back in 2013 or earlier? Regardless, the old feedback score is preserved on your profile, as agreed upon.

The online world is now a rather different place, those genies ain’t going back in those bottles, folks… :genie:


It did work, BUT you shouldn’t have to ASK for feedback. Proper protocol should dictate that. But then I guess it’s below some people to do so. Or their too busy etc.

I still recall a couple of deals with somewhat "name " people in yoyoing who failed to give feedback, and one “name” guy on ebay who was complaining that he wouldn’t ship to me until I paid. This was three days after I had paid immediately after I won the bid. I guess he was too busy to notice. And he never acknowledged the deal or left any feedback.

So really any feedback system is completely at the mercy of human foibles, so let’s not throw money at it.


It’s still good to have the feedback nudges though and if the nudges could somehow be automated, that’s best. Nudges work. There’s even a whole book about it I recommend

I know, elitist me, recommending a book! How dare I? Who even reads?

Here’s one starting point, not exactly a nag, but putting the “hey man you haven’t left feedback” at the top of your profile page, sort of.

(This is from my actual eBay page…)


I didn’t join these forums until 2014, and don’t remember asking anyone for feedback, most just did it :man_shrugging:

Now that it’s gone, I’ve gotten one or two mentions in the feedback section. So, based on experience with both one worked better than the other.

HOWEVER, I do like that the threads offer more room for comment on a feedback, if everyone would do it though.


It’s close now! See Trade stats from the old forum are back!