Trade stats from the old forum are back!

We’re happy to announce that the trade tracking history from the old forum is back :tada:

If you visit a member’s profile, you’ll see something similar to this


This serves as a quick summary of their trade history on the old forum. You’ll be able to see a member’s total trades and a quick breakdown of the feedback they received on any previous trades they’ve made.

If you’d like to see a more detailed version of the reviews other members left, you can click on the “More” link here


which would open a dialog box where you can see a more detailed trade history for that member, including any comments that reviewers have left.



Thanks for @johani’s hard work on this over the last few months! It looks amazing!


Looks great guys, thanks for setting this up for us!



Edit - @codinghorror How do I look at my trades? I’m on an iPhone.


Very cool and welcome inclusion of the new layout.:+1::+1:

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Found it. Have to change the view to “summary”.

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So I sent it possible to leave new trade feedback? Or just view the old ones?

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Just viewing the old ones, that’s what we agreed to in the migration.

It might be worth creating a new topic to discuss what the “ideal” flow would be for feedback, because I’m not sure.

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Should have the old way to leave feedback again.

A lot with this new forum that I don’t care for at all… :unamused:


I strongly disagree, because I did like 5 transactions in the old forum and the feedback “feature” was so incredibly confusing that I never even knew where to look for sell/trade feedback, or how to leave it…

Of course there were soooo many things wrong with that ancient forum software, b/s/t stuff was just the tip of the iceberg :confused:

As tech savvy as you are, no offense, I find this incredibly hard to believe. All you had to do was click on a users name, there was their feedback, click the “add feedback” and you were able to leave feedback.

edit: I agree, the old forum needed work.


It’s true though, I had no idea how to do it. That old forum software was a raging dumpster fire :fire:

How do we know the person leaving feedback actually had a transaction with the other person? What’s to stop a random person from leaving “feedback” on another person based on… them not liking something they posted, or whatever?

It sounds like what you’re proposing is a feedback button on the user card that links to a #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback topic about that person?

True. Most forums that I visit that have BST’s, you have to link to the thread the sale was posted in, and you had to have had a post in that thread in order to leave feedback to avoid what you’ve mentioned.

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This is interesting, drill into that because I do think there are ways we could streamline #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback

Maybe this to start? See my awesome drawing which is awesome


Thinking about this a bit more, I have always wanted a “show me my last {x} interactions with this person” button there for my personal vendettas reference. This could kinda be that, if we require that someone reply to the b/s/t topic to have an audit trail of them doing a tranasaction with the person.

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Odd as it may seem to you, people doing trades here actively monitored their feedback and reported any anomalies, errors or revenge feedback to the moderators.

I agree that we need a feedback mechanism other than the topic posting.


I hear ya, but throwers Reddit has a robust b/s/t ecosystem that has worked just fine for years (I’ve also done dozens of transactions there) with zero explicit feedback mechanism.

My working theory is that statistically speaking not that many people are into high end yo-yos, so it’s a small and (mostly) trustworthy community.

I think of them like a score in a video game. It was fun to pump my rookie numbers up over the years with so many BST transactions and happy dealings.


Is it possible to find this on mobile? I’m not seeing it, but I’m still getting used to a few features on the new forum setup.

Wasn’t this answered earlier in the topic?

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I’ll admit, I completely overlooked that earlier, yet i still don’t see it :joy: