Sending more than two replies in a row

A forum shouldn’t be over policed otherwise it can get stifling.

I especially love it how I take the time to write a long post and wait to upload some photos only for it to inform me AFTER I hit send that I can’t post more than twice consecutively.


There’s no way to set this value per-topic, so that feature doesn’t exist @vegabomb.

As for the original query:

Contrary to this statement, editing the last post indeed bounces the topic, so the goal is achieved.

I would submit that Glen should probably start a standalone topic for his project, with the name of it in the title so it’s easier to find, etc. Then the amount of sequential self posting he can do is unlimited in his own topic. The behavior nudge is correct in this case, because that’s a better outcome for the community: topic is easier to find, topic is easier to update, topic more correctly reflects actual ownership (Glen’s project → Glen’s topic), etcetera. You could cross-reference / cross-link the “generic plastic creators” with the individual topics as well, of course. And Google would show a boost for anyone searching for Glen’s yo-yo by name rather than the generic “anyone creating a plastic yo-yo” title, etc. Best of both worlds, really!

There are two existing solutions to this supposed “problem” already on the table. I’m not sure why there need to be more?

(It’s also funny that Glen “wasted” one of his two sequential replies on a nonsense post in that topic as well :wink: … maybe … don’t do that next time? You can also delete a reply to make room for one by pressing the delete button. Just sayin’ )

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Good point. I’ll just delete of of the unnecessary posts.

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It also occurs to me, in addition to deleting sequential non-posts, you can simply advertise and solicit for more people to participate in the topic as you’re kinda doing here. And that’s a good thing … that’s how healthy discussion is supposed to work!

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Maybe next time a simple “the software has limitations that doesn’t allow that” would help. Why not just point that out immediately?

If it can’t be done per topic then I think it should just be turned on for all topics. Every other forum I’ve been on allows it and they don’t seem to have any problems. Again though it’s @AndreBoulay’s decision, not @codinghorror’s.


As I said, I think the social nudges are correct here and working as designed:

  • nudge to get others to participate in the topic to unlock further deeper conversation

  • nudge to merge, consolidate, or update previous replies rather than replying to the same topic over and over

  • nudge to create your own topic so you can control it and post as much as you want about “your thing”; this can be crosslinked with the original topic and will create more overall Google Juice™ since it has a more specific title

Even the implicit nudge to discuss it amongst the community is a good one.

There’s a whole book about this if you’re interested @vegabomb. I have plenty of other reading recommendations as well if you’d like to delve into it more!

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So… who are you to decided what is correct?

I get wanting to pull the strings… but come on man.

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It’s a better outcome for everyone if Glen has a dedicated topic for his project with a proper title. :man_shrugging:

So yeah, nudges are good, in the sense that they drive people to better futures. Can Glen say “to h e double hockey sticks with you, I do what I want and no software can contain me!” … sure he can. Just edit his last post, delete his earlier non-reply, or get others to reply*. Problem solved!

* which has already happened, for the record!

Seems like forcing and “nudging” are the same thing here.

Could just be me.

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So “forcing” means giving people 4+ different ways to achieve their stated goal? Good to know… good to know…

Or let people post multiple times in a row, in a thread they didn’t start.



The original request doesn’t even make sense any more, as there are already replies to the topic. Glen’s only limited by his :rainbow: imagination at this point!

So maybe the correct answer is “wait for someone else to reply?” I mean that’s what you’d want in any decent conversation, right, kind of a naturally diverse back-and-forth with many people participating?

Sieg Heils @codinghorror, please socially nudge us how and where you think we should behave on forums. Conformity is good for the whole.

For the record, I get where you’re coming from. I really do. But people aren’t zeros and ones.

Anyways I’m over this thread.


Glen, I’ll sell you my account so that you can post 2x in a row in that thread.


Haha, thanks. I probably hog the plastic (and wooden) making thread anyway.

You all need to start making and posting more of your own yoyos!


My wanting to post in a thread twice in a row doesn’t “nudge” anyone to do anything. That’s flawed logic.

Here you confuse the word “nudge” with “force”. There’s no nudging going on, you’re making people conform.

When a thread is called “show your yoyo pictures” the creator wants to see other pictures. Not his/her own.

This thread is absurd. Numerous reasons have been stated why the “can’t post twice in a row” feature needs to be turned off. No reason has been given to leave it on. Yet it remains on.


None of you are going to convince him. If you really want this change, it needs to be taken up with the actual admins @YoYoExpertGarrett @AndreBoulay @YoYoExpert.

It seems as though they are typically pretty busy people though, they rarely chime in on discussions like this. So maybe it would be more prudent to direct message one of them to petition this change.

For the record, I understand why @codinghorror takes the stance that he does on this particular issue, but if this stance was meant to be hard law, there wouldn’t be a built in option to customize the limitation of consecutive comments in a given thread.

The repercussions of allowing more consecutive comments per user could get annoying in certain situations, but it seems harmless enough to try [it could easily be changed back]. These are a couple of our current best, and most active contributors petitioning this change too. @Glenacius_K and @shatterFX

If this would encourage and enable them to continue to post content, I don’t really see the harm in at least trying the limitation of the amount of consecutive responses to like 5 or something. If it really does drive the over all health of the forum into the trash, then it can be changed back! Easy peasy


I definitely see where everyone is coming from on both sides here…

I went ahead and increased the number of replies in a row to 5 and we can go from there.

Feel free to provide feedback either way on this one as it is implemented.

Now let’s all take a deep breath! :pray: :person_in_lotus_position:


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