Traded. Please close. Static Co Wave MIB (+ freebie)

Hello, Team.

I have one of these Atlantic Waves from Static Co. Its Mint in the box as I bought 2 to undo the half swap. I turns out that I like the half swap so I am selling my spare. This YOYO is fantastic and I play mine daily.

I will throw in the Whip with a similar Blue/Black half swap. Its set up responsive until you throw in a C bearing. I’m including this as well.

$60 shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F.


From the bottom to the top


If you want to buy this yoyo please do not hesitate!

I’m gonna let this sit for a minute but if nobody else picks it up I will probably end up grabbing it. This is my favorite colorway I put together for the wave and is kinda the poster child for the yo-yo. I only kept one Atlantic so I wouldn’t mind adding another to my personal collection.

That being said, I have like 10 waves so I’d prefer if someone else got the chance to get their hands on it first haha.

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Haha! I would be honored. :slight_smile:

Please don’t take offense, I’ve got 2 and mine wont ever leave. I thought about saving one for mint cause it will be a classic one day! Its just that there’s so much good stuff out there and my wife is starting to get a little annoyed with me.


No offense taken! I have no problem with people selling their waves, especially in this situation since it’s a duplicate. Thanks for the kind words.

I hear you on everything else, I have yo-yos scattered around every shelf/desk/dresser in my apartment. I even have a secret box of yo-yos I keep at work haha. My girlfriend has a good eye and can even recognize when I’m throwing something she hasn’t seen before. Gotta get a new case that I can hide in the closet lol.

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Oh geeze. I have a spreadsheet…. If she ever got ahold of that I’d be in trouble.

Too, sorry to disappoint but I’ve made a trade with @Mhoodlum for something special.

Thanks for looking out!! Happy throwing and I’ll be watching Static Co!


No worries, glad someone else got it first! Plenty of cool stuff from Static in the pipeline this year.


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