For Sale: Mint YYF Chaotic, Hspin Pyro, and more! Price drops!

The following yoyos are for sale. The prices are all negotiable, so feel free to offer what you think is fair. Please include pictures, and description of every yoyos condition (vibe, damage, etc.) with any trade offer. Shipping within the US is included in all asking prices, and payment is accepted via paypal only. International buyers will need to cover shipping. All items will be shipped using USPS with delivery confirmation.

Wants List:
Turning Point Leviathan 2
Onedrop “54”
HSpin Icon

Mint YYF/Turning Point Chaotic - Rare unegraved version! Looking for $50 shipped!

HSpin Pyro - This is Guy Wright’s old Pyro, which was used in many of his older videos. It’s extremely beat, but still plays great. Looking for $45 shipped!

YYJ Big Ben - Near mint. Smooth. Satined by Bergy. No caps. Looking for $15 shipped!

I can add a duncan dice, or bouncy ball counterweight to any order for an additional $1!

If you have any questions, requests, or offers let me know!

Yoyo Cozies are back! These cozies are made for keeping your most precious metals safe from harm in your pocket or bag! They’ve even been sold with two runs of CLYW yoyos! I never leave home without one!

Each cozy is knit entirely by hand from extra bulky yarn for maximum protection. Some will feature alternate or special stitching for different textures and looks. They are made from 100% acrylic, and are machine washable. All cozies are knit in a no animal, no smoke household! The cozies are sized to comfortably fit a yoyo as large as 62 mm, and can be tightened by pulling the tie to nicely fit a yoyo as small as 48 mm. There’s a good chance we can make a cozy in a specialty size by request (for all of you offstring and/or mini yoyo lovers). If you have any questions about sizing, colors, or anything cozy related feel free to ask!

Shipping is included within the USA in all prices. I will ship via USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. If you are international, send me a PM to work out shipping costs. Please contact me for information on pricing for large orders as well. Payment via PayPal only please! Now onto the cozies!

Light Blue and Navy Blue Striped Cozy - $10 Shipped!

Red Cozy wth Black Stripes - $10 Shipped!

Gray Cozy with Purple Embellishment - $10 Shipped!

Light Blue Cozy with Dark Blue Embellishment - $10 Shipped!

Here’s a picture of a cozy with a Duncan Freehand Zero inside to demonstrate the size.

To see pictures of previously sold as well as custom made cozies, click here!

I’ll be happy to take more pictures of any listed items upon request!

If you would like to make a purchase, or have any questions please let me know! Thanks for looking!


Its better than jewerely pouch

True Dat.

Well, they are made by my fiance, who happens to be female. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to keep questions and comments to private message. Thanks!

These are actually really nice looking. I don’t have the money right now, but I would buy one, then ditch my FAST 201 holder thing. So yeah. i will stop now, haha.

Well, I recommend making them in more male friendly colors. Try Red and black, Blue and gray, you know, a darker theme perhaps.

I was just thinking that. We just happened to have a lot of pastels lying around. We’ll try some more ‘manly’ color combos with the next batch once we sell these. Thanks for the feedback!

Again, lets keep the discussion via private message.

I think it would also be cool to contact some yoyo company like you did with clyw and get them to sell there yoyo with yoyo cozies whenever they have a special edtion yoyos since selling them with everything will increase the price of the yoyo…

my wife made me bunch of these, I like them em because I can still have em loose in a case but not worried about the yoyos banging together. $12 is well worth the price. And as to the colors, life is easier when you have several colors, can quickly tell what yoyo each pouch holds. Anyway, good luck selling them!

Thanks for the good words guys ^^

I want one!

a can u make some like in all black and white because i would like one of these so my yoyo wont fall and get scratches or dings

We will definitely consider picking up some black and white in the next batch. We are trying not to take customs this time around due to tight schedules, but we’ll do our best to please everyone! Thanks for the interest!

make all plain colors then make a poll on some cool color combos then pick top 5.

These are incredibly epic.

Sounds a bit complicated. I’d rather see a little art in this than resorting to that, but good idea ^^

I want to mention again to everyone, that this is a BST thread, and not a discussion thread. I appreciate all the good words and feedback, but it should be kept to private message. Thanks!

New cozies added!

Manlier color scheme added!

How’d we do?

that red and black ones gonna make all ur money btw ima get one of the red ones when i get money

Sounds good ^^ Just shoot me a private message about it when you’re ready! Thanks!