TRADE: Some stuff I don't want, LF Older metals, YYJ, micro yoyo, International

Hey guys

First up, I don’t live in the US.  If you’re not prepared to post an item over the water, don’t bother reading.

Basically, I have a few things I don’t want, and there are some yoyos that I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the opportunity.  I don’t really care what they look like, as long as they play good (love marks are cool, abuse is not).

If at all possible, I’d like to try keep money out of this.  PayPal is a nightmare to use where I live, so I’d rather avoid it if possible.  We can always arrange deal sweeteners or package deals.

All images can be found here:

TRADED - 1st run red YYF Skyline - a few very minor scuffs that hardly go through the ano.  Great condition.  Gap is just far too wide for me to enjoy it.  Still have the box if you want it.

TRADED - Auldey Virus - What an awesome and unique yoyo!  Took a hard ding (pictured), looks kinda nasty but does not affect play.  Otherwise mostly spotless, couple of tiny pinpricks through the ano.

Radiyoactive Fusion Proto - Own a piece of history!  The Fusion was reserved for players who pre-registered at Worlds 2006 and never saw a commercial release.  Same shape as the Fission, but heavier / sturdier.  Probably one of the first yoyos that came stock with a silicone recess.  The prototypes  were poured at a slightly too high temperature, and if you look carefully you can spot a couple of burn marks.

Aoda Fly Blade, MIB - I have a few of these in lumo green with silver rims, or blue rims with clear plastic still sealed in the original packaging.  The picture of the clear yoyo with dark green rims is to give you an idea of shape / how they look out the package.  These are arguably a DM rip-off and play fantastic.  These were repackaged for a yoyo promotion in South Africa and as such don’t feature Aoda branding.  They come with a FREE trick DVD which has over 40 tricks, about 10 picture tricks, and then basics from Sleeper right up to Wrist Mount and beyond.

I am open to negotiations, package deals.

As deal sweeteners I can offer a package deal or throw in a Duncan Freehand, still sealed in the packaging.

Older metals:  Luchador, old Hspin, anything else you might have lying around (no YYF!)

YYJ:  Particularly Mickey stuff (Speedmaker, Speeder, Meteor, etc.) or any metal rimmed YYJ

Mini / Micro yoyos:  Small yoyos, like the CU, St Eel, anything around about that size.

If you need to sweeten the deal on your side, I could always do with some boutique string, YYF plastics, or some other stuff you don’t want.

Shoot me a PM.  I’m not fussy, just want some different stuff to throw.

Virus gone.


Aoda Fly Blades (MIB)

Freehands (MIB)

Offer away. Will trade for most things.