Looking for "old" yoyos. (YYF, Hspin)

I’ve been looking for a few yoyos that I always wanted when I was younger and couldn’t afford them. Mostly older YYF stuff, but there are a few odds and ends that I’m looking for as well:

YYF California
YYF Skyline
YYF Higby 888 (there is a solid chance that I still can’t afford this one)
YYF Steve Brown 888
Any 888. I always wanted one, never could get one.
Hspin Good and Evil (any of them, I’ve always wanted a G&E)
Anything by Anti-Yo

Also, if any of you folks have an older (anything released before 2010) yoyo that you can’t seem to get rid of, shoot me a message. There is a fair to decent chance that you will spark some very serious nostalgia in me and I will throw money at you until you make past-me happy.

Drop me a line - have a number of the above, including Higby 888, high-polish premium 888, and a ton of 2000-2008 era yo-yos from most major manufacturers. Most are collector grade with no sign of use and all packaging - let me know your top 5-10 and possible offers and I’ll dig into the boxes.

Pm’d! I have almost all these lol!