Looking for some older stuff! As my name states, I've been "outoftheloop"


Hello! I’ve been away from the yoyo world since 2010/11. I’m hoping to get my paws on a couple of older gems I used to have, but regret trading/selling! I used to roam YYN, but ever since they brought it back, it’s been dead.

Looking for:
RecRev “i” I found one thanks to daburs!
Although they were cheap and they didn’t make many, this was my absolute favorite yoyo and it was the first “expensive” throw I ever bought brand new. If you or anyone you know can get me one of these I’d be forever grateful!

Onedrop m1
This is up there with the RecRev “i”. I absolutely loved my little m1. I haven’t seen one for sale in a long time…

YYF Protégé


YYF California

YYF Genesis

I’m basically looking for anything else from that era (2008-2011), so let me know what you have! I only have a Jensen Kimmit Superstar and a beat up Starry Night Skyline and I’d prefer to keep them. I’m mainly interested in buying stuff. I can pay with PayPal or Square Cash!

Thanks! It feels good to be back!


I have an M1 in good shape. $50 shipped, here’s a link…

(system) #3